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We didn't think so so get your lucky numbers ready and pick up your ticket Saturday night's Powerball jackpot is three hundred four million dollars must be eighteen to buy prices. Equal fifty percent of overall sales. Odds of winning jackpot prize one and two hundred ninety two million hits the sportsman's gun show this weekend at island grove regional park in Greeley. Great deals on thousands of new news, firearms, ammo and much. More are dealers by trade, we'll be giving away a customized AR fifteen provided by three hundred arms. For more info. Visit P E shows dot com. Renters warehouse has big news. They've acquired one of America's leading online real estate investment marketplaces and are the nation's leading real estate investment services company. This means renters warehouse is now your one stop shop to research by lease manage and sell single family rental properties. Whether you're looking at twenty properties are just one you can easily do it all from the comfort of your own home. Heck, you can even do it from your phone and your properties can be anywhere in the country. It all starts by visiting. Renters warehouse dot com today. I should've had Dun rite don't be that person. That says this after ordering your remodelling project. Right, dad. You've got that. Right todd. Hi, folks, Dan, Chechini, owner of dun-rite kitchens and baths windows and doors. Simply put we make people happy ever since the eighties. We've proven ourselves by being picky. Tell the folks Todd. Well, there's only one way we'll resurface cabinets. Quarter inch glued and nail. Replacement kitchens? Only custom built cabinets by our own people for a fabulous look bathrooms. You can count on the tried and true, Dun. Bathroom renovation system and windows and entry doors dad how much you two cents worth. Well, it starts with a quality window or door. Yes. But I'm here to tell you that preparation installation and finish are exactly why they'll be able to join those that say Dun rite did.

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