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The place when I made my statements on anthem I knew they'd be backlash so I'm not surprised finger criticism unfair I made. My, statements I stand but what I said and some people may have misunderstood it or whatever. But I said I all about what, I said and it is what is this is so interesting how this is, going to be played out obviously Dak. Is in a unique specific because he is the, emerging leader of the Dallas Cowboys he's not fully established as a leader not like he's been there for five, years and all the guys trust them and. It's a foregone that, he's the he's gonna have the captain a assigned to him. But it probably will. Be the case. And has the starting quarterback in. A team like the Dallas Cowboys were we know that Jerry Jones and Steven Jones and even Jason. Garrett their head coach liked to develop, close relationship with their stars, they're starting in particular, they're starting, quarterback That could be. Just, speaking the line because he's gotten so close with this Cowboys organization that could be undermining. Him or undercutting his his belief that, this really isn't the time but that's what it feels like when you're in, a in a unique position like he. Is as the emerging leaders sometimes you you do, what the head guys want you to do or say with the head guys want you to say it's an, interesting conversation it's one that has not faded. Or gone away even, though this anthem protests are protesting during the anthem more appropriately. Has been going on. For two seasons Carson Wentz is unlikely.

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