Dot Com, NPR, President Trump discussed on Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter


Are you a fan of technology news than the tech name right home is a must subscribe for fifteen years tech name dot com has been the website silicon valley checks every day for the latest news at now every day at five pm there's a fifteen minute podcast that breaks down the latest news and tech the coolest gadgets the latest apps the biggest funding raises the most recent social media scandals the tech main ride home is like npr's marketplace but for tech news a daily easy to understand summation of the latest in the world of technology open up your podcast app right now and search ride home then subscribe and listened to the tech name ride home podcast again search your podcast app for ride home and subscribe to the tech name ride home are we getting to the big picture about president trump the really big dixon welcome to this week's reliable sources podcast on bind stelter and this week we podcast is our chance to go in depth with media leaders and looseness tone towing talk in depth about the story behind the story and this week i'm here with adam davidson staff writer for the new yorker who's been breaking ground writing about president trump michael cohen and what he says is the end stage of the trump presidency adam great to see you great to see your brian thanks for being here you also posted a tweet this week that lit my brain up and i want to get to that as well but you were a piece of the new yorker recently titled michael cohen and the end stage of the trump presidency you made the argument that this is not a prophecy it's a simple statement of the apparent truth that this is the last stage of his presidency how is that and why is it not being covered that way elsewhere in the media so in in that piece i talked about in in my career covering other events i covered the iraq war in iraq for the first year of the us occupation covered the financial crisis.

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