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You'll kind of give him this grace period here where he really hasn't looked that good individually, but you can't argue with what the team saw. They still look solid, even in a lot of systems starting to do a lot of the same thing. They do, but they were winning heading into I mean, they were winning before the deadline. I mean, you can't discount that. Yeah, but schroder was inevitably gone, so you need someone to fill that gap. He was. I still, some Celtics fans really fell in love with Richardson. I'm interested to see how people are feeling about him in the comments compared to white individually because that was the real trade off, right? He would have been looking at Richardson as the backup point. My opinion was always catching you. I didn't think Richards, I didn't think white over Richardson made you measurably better. And then you gave up the firsts. I didn't think he was like today on the court. I didn't know. Richardson also fit with what they were doing defensively. He's not the elite defender of the white is, but he was a better shooter and probably a better offensive player. He doesn't move the ball as well as white. There was a trade. I'm just saying if you were to rate the Celtics on a scale of one to a hundred and they were playing it like a 90 prior to the trade. I don't know that night I don't know that white put you more than 90.5, you know? Like versus Richardson. Like I don't know how huge a gap it was going to be if they played the rest of the season out with what they had. So then it just comes down to did you get the thing you needed most, you know? Like what did the team need and that's what's all people are going to always argue here. On nights when they shoot cold, everyone's gonna be like jeez, we need a shooter. We got half the people in the comments saying like I want buddy healed. You didn't nobody you didn't really want buddy heel. Trust me. Trust me. Just wait, some people do, but I mean, you know, when you have buddy healed out there and then he can't guard a freaking person and then, you know, whatever. He has one of his cold nights. You're like, oh my God, why did we grab this guy? But again, I thought Richardson was playing fine. I'm blessing in love with him by any means. I just to justify the trade in the price, you need white to immediately make up a large impact and then sustain it throughout. And he has at times, I just, you know, I want to see more. That's all. Yeah. That debut was really exciting if that's the peak value that you can bring there because he was amazing in that game. Yeah, especially coming right out and doing the things he did on both ends there. It's going to be interesting to see how his role evolves because he still doesn't really seem to know ways doing and what his job is night and night. I'm sorry, email is still trying to figure that out too. He's just kind of a guy who yeah, who is just a ball makes a quick decision and that's it. Yeah, let's talk about one of our sponsors here, koda, koda dalio, new.

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