Gary Kubiak, Loveland, President Biden discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Also, that's going to drive up the cost of energy in this country. And his first day on the job. President Biden issued 15 executive orders and two directives. So far, this has been a less than banner year for snowfall at the level in ski area. Fox 31 meteorologist Chris Tomer crunched the numbers. This season, Loveland had 94 inches of snow and not one single 24 hours. Snowfall of more than 10 inches now contrast that with last year when Loveland had 153 inches, says of January, 21st. Season's total is way below 2014 and 16 went on this date level and had a total of 181 inches of snow in sports. Gary Kubiak, calling it a career he announced his retirement from the NFL today, the former Broncos QB and head coach at more recently than offensive quote coordinator for the Vikings and the NC, double a placing Notre Dame football on probation for one year for recruiting violations. I'm Joel Hillen K away news radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FX from two different sports Traffic center. Quiet drive on the metro area freeways. None of the old neighborhood works constantly make your problems. You gonna find speed's gonna be normal. Nice 70 across town, See for 74 70. For the moment you've got no issues. You've got nothing interfering with the tribal 9 25 through the tech center. You'll make a time on six to Lakewood. I to 73 traveling westbound from I 72 vast Kansas a little sluggish to doing work in the right lane at the moment. Thanks. 31 10 Point weather after an overnight little 23. It's gonna be partly sunny tomorrow high of 48 tomorrow night slow dropping down to 23 then on standard becoming cloudy with a high of 47 Saturday night's low is gonna be about 25 Currently it's 34 I'm Gary and blow on K away news radio lying everywhere on the I Heart radio app the 1st 100 days. That I will faithfully execute office of president of the United States the next 12 months, much to repair much to heal much to build next four years earlier. Civil war raging virus growing inequity climate in crisis check in throughout the day, every day is our historic moment because the next four years happened here as the United States of America on K Away news radio. Colorado's own Belco credit union makes it possible for you to create your dream kitchen, designed a new home office or build your backyard oasis.

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