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You guys want to chime in and I want to let you eat 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5 Jason in Kentucky. Thanks for calling the poll find bomb Well, as a Kentucky man, I love me some Oscar, she weigh, 'cause you can figure it out in life that he loves God and he stayed home. Okay. For a reason to figure out college kids and I was a college kid at one time and got paid to play and then I joined the army, but it is what it is. I was back in 2001. Thank you for your service. I appreciate you appreciate you serving. So I mean, do you think we've got it wrong on where the kids should be now? On where this is going down? No, they should definitely get paid. When I was when I was an athlete, it was 24/7 7 days a week, brother. There is no doubt about that. It still is for everybody involved. So you're good with name image likeness you're good with all of it. Well, I mean, we have to make the playing field even, but we also, I mean, I haven't been a football fan in 27 years as a UK guy, and I love what's going on in the UK. Look, and Jason, I agree with you on that. Thanks for the call. And again, thank you for your service. I appreciate it more than you know. And you start talking about teams that are worth watching. That Kentucky football program and the way they've turned it around and we found ourselves this year this past season on both of the college football shows I hosted on Saturdays on ESPN. We found ourselves constantly looking at it saying, all right, what's we're going to do this week, right? So I'm all in on everything that's happening right now for Kentucky football. And I think it's great for the SEC. Braden Gaul said with me earlier when he was on that, yes, we can all agree that there are three teams, probably right now at the very, very top when you talk about a and M and you talk about Alabama and you talk about Georgia. If you want to look at four through ten, boy, you can make a compelling argument for several of those teams on why each of them belongs at the top of the next tier. Whatever that tier might be. So I think we're just at the beginning of an exciting time. Frankly, for much of the SEC that's trying to figure out a way to build towards the top. That's why even when Texas and Oklahoma come into the SEC, I think it turns out to an even bigger win, but it speaks to everything that we're going to talk about next week with the SEC sitting down and figuring out what their future looks like as a conference. You got to understand there are 5, 6, 7 teams that every single year believe that they're going to start the year with the real shot of the playoffs. And I said it earlier, like once you start your season, you know one thing for darn shirt in the SEC. There's one thing you can be 100% sure of in the SEC. That is, if you come in and you take care of your business, you're going to the college football playoff, right? You come in and you beat everybody, you're going to get it done. Where it gets hairy is what happens when all of these teams that are really good. Start beating up on each other. And that's why I think the SEC needs to start now with a campaign to make sure that the college football playoff understands what's at stake in that conference, understands every single ounce of what they're trying to accomplish. And why I think at some point the future of the SEC is getting rid of divisions within the conference so that you make sure every year you got a chance at your two best teams, both making the college football playoff. Like there has to be a way for the SEC. What you're thinking not just to now, but you're thinking of the entire future of what could hold in a college football playoff world. 855-242-7285 don't want to cut any officer. We'll let you guys keep taking over Nepal fine bomb show when we come back. It's a Paul fine bomb show, Jason Fitz, sitting in for Paul. Thank you for listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. The Paul fine bomb show airs weekdays on the SEC network beginning at three eastern. Hey everyone, this is Zach low, check out my podcast, the low post where I talk to people in and around the NBA about every thing going on in the basketball world, the one and only Nikola Jokić, the most watchable, telegenic player in the NBA, NBA. Players, trends, under the radar teams, everything. I am a longtime holder of all the Devin Booker stock I can buy. And I'm not cashing in 'cause I think he's gonna keep getting better. Listen and subscribe to the low post wherever you listen to podcasts..

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