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7. 8. Got some. Oh God. Wow, you tripped me. Wow. Yeah. Gosh. All right, round four. Raw drafts, the street profits, which was obvious 'cause Bel Air's on raw, so they like to keep the couples together. SmackDown drafts, the Viking raiders. And then raw drafts, Finn Balor. That's right. Finn Balor. With the 76th pick. Was drafted after Ballard was drafted after the Viking raiders. Three profits. Yes. Xia Lee. Yes. Shayna Baszler and Sheamus. Yeah. Great guy. Great call, guys. I mean Balor's just like seriously. Yeah. Your mother fuckers. Nobody wants this guy. Turn him he'll have him fight. And they've even said like the demons gonna go with him. I don't think that was the Finn Balor. Fake Balor's drafted to raw. The demons drafted to SmackDown. Right. After this, they tweeted. Finn Balor and the demon have been drafted to wrong. Jesus. Both of them. Just to let us know that he'll be the demon at some point soon again, I guess. I know. And then SmackDown takes ricochet. Like, why? Why even draft him at all? Right. That's like a team taking a kicker in the NFL in the third round. Like, you know, you can just kind of pick him up as a free agent later if you want him. Did you say the third round? Yeah, the jets took a kicker in the second round, and sure did 2005. How'd that work out? It was off the team in two years. A kicker in the second. This is what's missing. Yep. Imagine there's like, oh, I have an epiphany. Yeah. That was such a bad draft. All right, next up we have Natalia and Tamina versus Rhea Ripley and Nikki ass for the tag title. Jeez. Ripley puts Nikki on her shoulders and then drops her on Tamina for the win. That's the show. That's it. That's a show. That's the finisher. Holy fuck. Honda round 5 of the draft. Oh, please. Rock keeps the gimp, carrying cross. SmackDown takes care of and Garza. Sure. Well, I mean they lost Dominican rays, so not yet. Rock keeps the lexa bliss. Even though she's, you know, not really there right now. And SmackDown Keith Cesaro. All right. Next up, we have an in ring promo from Goldberg. Thank you, Corbin. All right. My God one more. I thought that was Homer. So old bird. That sounds like over like hitting himself over the head with an amber or something. Yeah. That was from the Corbin's TikTok video, which is so great. Oberg immediately calls out Lashley for fucking up his son at SummerSlam. Lashley comes out and again says what happened to your son? Was a misunderstanding. And I wanted apology. And this is, again, Goldberg's the face Lashley's the heel, but you can completely agree with Lashley here. Correct. He got jumped from behind, he thought it was a crazy fan. So he attacked him. Right. Like, this makes no sense. That we're like, well, no, Goldberg, you're overreacting. You know, this was it wasn't misunderstanding. It was, it was, you know? Yep. So lastly, tells Goldberg, I'll give you a match at Saudi mania, but it will be no holds barred. And then Goldberg dropped to his knees. I thought he was dying. But he says, thank you, Bobby. No holds barred gives me a license to kill. Right, so Goldberg's heel here because she's literally threatening to murder Lashley. Yeah. He says you're next and you're dead. Yeah. Yikes. And lastly says you can't kill the almighty. Yeah. You can let torque know that next time it won't be a misunderstanding. Yeah. So Bill, what would you do if someone came out to the ring and jumped on your back? Right. And lastly proves this point 'cause Cedric Alexander jumps on Goldberg's back and Shelton Benjamin's there too. But Goldberg quickly kills both of them and hit Shelton with a spear. So hypocrite. So at 10 p.m. eastern, you know, yeah. On this kid's show, someone is threatening to murder someone else. Yeah. Yeah. Good call. Good call. You know what they should have done is have Lashley like get some 15 year old kid to jump on Goldberg's back and then go back just fuck them up. He's like, you just murdered a child. Yeah. Thanks for going to jail. And Gobert's like, oh my God, last week you're right. I'm so sorry. Let's call off the Saudi match because no one wants to see it. Right, I'm sure there's a developmental talent. It looks 12. I mean, you could just save a Johnny Gargano. He was for sure. Easily clearly shaved it. Johnny's big call up. Just shave it up. Johnny scallop is that he's a 12 year old boy. Johnny no damn it. Ah, what a saying. Here's my scenario. You're 12, I quit. Exactly. Come to the ring with a lot of toys. Yeah. Kevin Patrick interviews Seth Rollins backstage, Patrick acts about edge, but Seth says, I'll handle edge on SmackDown. This is about raw and I don't give a shit who steps to me because I'm Seth, freaking Rollins. You want to know why Seth said the S word? 'cause during NXT last week, Ron breaker said, I don't give a shit. And then Seth tweeted, I guess we can say shit now. Very exciting. Hashtag shit. He put hashtag shit. Yeah. Well, I mean, come on, Seth. You don't remember the holy shit time. Yeah, that was an exception. Right. I guess USA doesn't care anymore. Holy shit. I mean, FX, they say fuck a lot. They do? Yeah. I think when they do it, they just have to like, you know, be like, all right, look, it was a one time thing. We're not going to do it again, but. Yeah. I mean, it is a kids show airing at 10 p.m.. I think it's also because, you know, AW, they get to say shit. Yeah. So why can't we? Right. And USA clearly wants help with the NXT ratings. My God. I mean, they won't help with all the ratings, but I hope I hope still wrestling in like 5 years when they just don't care what you say on TV anymore. You can say I'm Seth fucking Rollins. Yeah, I don't know if that's gonna happen, but they have like a live Nielsen. It's kind of like looks like a heartbeat and he goes, are you ready? Do it. Shit, and it goes. We gotta put that in. Everybody say shit from now on. Right. I mean, if they get sold to Netflix, they could, you know, say, fuck, they can say whatever they want. That's true. Wow. That'd be great. I hope HBO Max. We're gonna recut the live sex celebration. Next up we have the new day versus Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. So they just got murdered by Goldberg. Now they have to have a tag team match. Yeah, it makes sense. And Woods hits the flying elbow drop on Cedric for the win. And then Woods yells in the camera. Crown me. Crown me. Hell king Woods. He's better fucking. He's been advocating. He's been advocating for it for so long. I swear to God, he better win this thing. But they just gave The Crown to.

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