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Sure so what are some of the greatest challenges that are currently facing the people of the drc i think the gray this challenge right now all the leadership it all stems from a government that that cares in looks after its people i think that's what they need because i can go down the list of the stuff that's that's needed in their lacking a huge list has a massive list i mean just may aspect of seventy percent of the people don't have access to clean water that's seventy percent of people are drinking out of rivers on's it's unbelievable almost eight million people on the brink of starvation this is this is unbelievable as unacceptable in supple has to be done something has to be died in so as they are they're literally failed state and but they are sitting on so many minerals they could be up and running in a great way in just a few years but also they're called the lead the nation is called the lead it's it's right in the middle of africa it connects everybody even even as much as heart of part of their their nation is right on the ocean in the congo river goes right through there is the potential to power most of africa with trinity of the power that goes in the congo river that's how crazy it is you know so they're not only called to be blessed they're caught to be a blessing to to africa and really the world i believe.

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