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It was wise words of your mochi everywhere so Amy Schumer yeah on a podcast and talking about her son that she gave birth to last may so he's almost one inch told her co hosts that you know I did we had to change our baby's name gene G. E. N. E. S. S. E. L. James that's not short for Eugene no it's Jean David Fisher was Jeanette toll Fisher but we realize that her son gentle and she said they were naming him after her costar the guy who played no why in train wreck the homeless BFF that is so funny Laurie his Hey tell a tale E. A. T. E. L. L. and then her mom was like you've named your kid at janitorial Ronnie Jean David and we're no longer any funny that's really easy as folk hero no no word if gene G. E. N. E. he's you don't see that name allied is is March to gene Wilder gene Jack's gene Wilder right is the famous one that humor would be a comedian Sir look at to insure just think of the only G. nine you can jacks from Saint Paul yeah gene Rayburn match game anyway so yeah the mom was like yeah you've named your kid Jenna talk that's pretty okay that so remember last week Tom Brady even interviewed Howard stern and he talked about tons of stuff but the thing that got all the buzz was that his marriage went through a rough patch his wife didn't think he was pulling insurance yeah given a letter saying you need to turn things around that was kind of like you know props for changing to accommodate new hearing his wife well just in case you needed that point underline of page six story is this and the story is after Tom Brady told Howard Stern that Dwight just I wasn't satisfied with her marriage an insider reported to be eight six they never got close to splitting he's the enter her Yang she's the female version of him and he's the male version of her that's why so why don't we why even why would eat why even we can't exactly Jackie blind and that's not clever spend it AA Khalid may yeah yeah health workers the this is not a compliment nothing nothing like me more than Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez these two are kind of annoying though a little bit this way that they had to go like they just had like great press last week yeah no one really thought they were splitting up no he didn't even say they were she just said you know you already are gone all of football season now that you're going to be the with the male version of me oh my goodness grow you yes yeah just sounds annoying yeah I get enough for me and me I don't want another mill around I get sick of me I mean sorry I am so sick of me right now I do have another me thank yeah okay so Lindsay Lohan yes she dropped a new single back to me we listen to it a couple weeks ago you sad that it wasn't bad wasn't horrible yeah which is not exactly the same as it was brilliant no I can't imagine it would say that of all yeah she was asked about our we're we're the album is coming from and she said my heart yes she says no it has a lot of memories for my life in California and what I felt and saw when I was in my early twenties instead he that is not even a good answer that is just horrible it's kind of it's my life each answer he really isn't it really is speaking from a point of pain right now because I realize I've blanked out my life so bad I have no family no friends and I'm over and over somewhere over here we don't even know where she has I messed up every single thing I touch and it's everyone who even gave me a lifeline including all products including Tyler Perry including a lot of people I've messed it all up who's your rock bottom she said the album is a mix of personal serious reflection and dance jams together bread and butter okay so there is a story The New Yorker has a new article commentary piece on the you know Harry and Meghan and their whole leaving the royal family after okay it is the whole entire story is a rehash of everything that happened but why did they even publisher well because they got a quote from was this this control of royal reporter for the telegraph it by the name of Camillus gonna read that because I'm gonna tell you the Meghan and Harry Byrne on Israel Israel speak on real and for it to end and for them to show up even kind of earlier you said they could show up on this fundraising thing and donated nine it's real people are sick of them no one cares about them right now well it it is it we would care about him if they came out and they were like oh here's a million dollars that be fine if they just sort of like that but Camilla this little a real order from Kayla Graf her the one new thing she thinks that is news to Americans is that the criticism of the Duchess originated in the palace we are the new tests we have witnessed forever this is old news New Yorker just get with the address and handing the burn out is real here's the quote it's a bit like Downton abbey Buckingham Palace there's a hierarchy of staff there's a higher staffing companies right this is a Buckingham Palace here now okay no not really not by the way this from the Daily Mail princess Beatrice has a wonderful idea to bolster the nation's morale and she's the one who's had two of them he's got a struggle wedding okay it's been canceled twice three times and then in the middle of it all our data is personally I know I am he was during his BBC anyway here's a wonderful idea tell me she wants to the cancellation is a blessing in disguise as the granddaughter of the queen it seems unfair be would have to Haidar nuptials she thinks it's the person she wants to show the public she will not sure Kerr civic duties she was a big wedding to bolster the nation's morale yes I'm gonna say this why we love watching these weddings we have loved watching these weddings it's unfortunate that is her sister got three million viewers when her wedding was broadcast a couple years ago but that was before these are the right grandchildren nobody can I can I like her and saying you know giving yourself a pep talk yes I'll do it for the people yeah anyway I would you know if I was getting married right now yeah I'm it would be really are tracking it would be just B. R. E. exactly and my dad to the date yeah no it really needs since getting married on the eighteenth of July that's soon yeah I just got your invitation I've got my airline to great you know a couple months ago when I got the save the date card right it's like I can't even bring it up to her because you can't you can't bring up anything you have your ticket mmhm and your there's nothing no one else no we don't know I can't even say anything like it I went up to a brain you know lately have a shower because we have a niece who's getting married in October more having a shower for in August yeah I feel I feel better but I wanted to do what I want is a is an interesting I I feel for everybody oh my gosh he had a home in scientists that's all we have to say he right tell me why did Disney plus two CG I hear and Daryl Hannah's world but in some way there is no need okay what's it Sir but I did and I don't know I don't know here's a look at the picture and just tell me a silly now keep in mind Disney plus it's fine that the show people's heads getting cut off of people getting killed on Avengers endgame in Star Wars the last July it's okay to show a vast array of different no no.

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