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K they didn't want anything to do with me because they thought it was disgusting and perverted because around that time in the newspapers, it was seen as something that was very there was very awful to be gay because aids was still very much out in the public sphere eighties or nine hundred. Yeah, this is the kind of like, you know, like a was like this big thing, and it was seen as only effect and people who guy and so the response from lots of friends was for them to not want to speak to me ever again. But then a hotter. Small hawker group of friends who did they really were. Okay. With me. But we'd help to law. I also helped as well as teaches in my school was once each a our mentioned him white hope he he he was very clearly guy and he didn't seem to hide and he seems to be quite proud. And those those another teacher who was trans. And she she'd been to she'd left the UK as a male being to the United States and came back as female, and I just felt real fitness with. I felt this real affinity. It was almost like they were role models for may have an actual live role models there. I don't think the role models in the media people. I really felt an affinity way. There was immediate role models in my life. I thought, wow, the real people, and I can see them and speak to them today. Perhaps give you the strengths eventually Comanche. Parents then yeah. Yeah. I think they did. You know, I think you know, my feelings have been building for a long time. And I was really getting very very strong feelings those feelings were like kind of feelings towards the guys when REM why I couldn't be with the guys as well. I mean, how phobia was still really rampant and in the school bull. I thought you know, why I thought this is some thin Anita due to be true to myself to be honest to myself on at by that point. That's the reason the stove as well. So it sorcery not suppose how can people get experiences? What's famous writers James Baldwin, m will we tried some of the war poet? Secrets sued and Wilfred I win as well. I'm just kind of knowing that they get UP pull Oscar Wilde, maybe. Wow. These are like kind of regular people, and there's nothing weird or strange wrote about and it was it was nice in a way because well, people can accept the difference. Maybe they can accept my difference too. So I came out, and I was happy with the response. I from some people so parents, it was a poll that it was all full of fast. It was. So it was heartbreaking from a moment. She was very tearful for so long time because she didn't know what it men's. She was confused. I'd had both my parents make comments about gay people on TV say that they would discuss staying, and they were all full saying that they were in league with Satan. And this kind of stuff, you know, that they point to these acquai- people on TV and just have no understanding of what they rebounds. So so so my mom just needed time to kind of process of she was very very. Jeff for a number of weeks. We didn't really talk except over the disciple. I really thought that that they were gonna kick me out. Then my dad, he he reacted by saying I he could say to the doctors because the dog that topless that could make me better. Thank your me up my gayness. So that was an interesting conversation bought what was great was. I knew outta very deep level. The win Toplitz that kids treats gayness actually about points alive. I actually old of the my dad's incentive wisdom because I thought while you do know that that this is not something that's treatable. And there are no topless exist. And I told him nice at actually thought there on any Toplitz the passing can take to stop the Gators and kind of concede to then he kinda stopped me. And he said Samantha through trade union because he was like a shop steward. He was like a big trade union trade unionist heat heat, actually. For for some of the freedoms of some of the guy employers in his web place never spoken about set. And he said the..

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