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More to running the bases basis anti steely bases than just being ridiculously fast we can assume that the freeze is ridiculously fast just as we can assume that herb washington is ridiculously fast but as we saw with some early career billy hamilton there is technique to this there are any number of players who are fast but not very good at stealing bases there is a lot that you need to pick up i do not mean to suggest that the freeze could not pick up the technique but they would not be instant andy would really not be very useful at all you'd rather have amelio unfussy you i think that's a pretty easy call our eight question from james shouldn't the more local pattern of baseball's interest in viewing habits imply that mlb should be larger than the nfl or nba in terms of the number of teams we hear quite often about how well interest in the national story lines and playoffs for basketball and football is greater than baseball mlb a sustained by the strong local passions in revenues for big league teams more people may watched the pro bowl than the world series but enough people are interested in watching 100plus games in their baseball team season that it evens out the thought i am having his this shouldn't this make expansion and much more attractive prospect mlb compared to the other sports obviously there aren't serious baseball fans everywhere but surely even the weaker markets like tampa bay have to be bringing and so much more money for baseball than places like indianapolis or vancouver do local tv revenues dry baseball more than other sports et cetera cetera it seems that if the ratio of local money to national money as high expanding a league should be more attractive.

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