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Seconds to go before halftime Brown 22 to 10 lead over the Chiefs Arrowhead, Kansas City using another time out, they called that earlier time out after the first down, run by Hunt. So one time out remaining for Kansas City, Cleveland got all 3 59 seconds to go look like Anthony Hitchens hurt his right arm on that last play was trying get off the field, and they used that last time out. And she's had been beat up until I'm back in position. He lost Willie Gay in the preseason. We're starting the rookie Bolton right there at inside linebacker a little thin at that position when the Browns have run the ball well shoved. Six carries for 35 yards, two touchdowns foot Four carries 26 yards 98 yards rushing for Cleveland, and they do have three rushing touchdowns. The other was the Jarvis Landry run on fourth down, and when they went for so 1st and 10 for Cleveland at their own 21 white jerseys with orange helmets and pants going right to left shade creeping out across the numbers on the near side onto the field and hot day in Kansas City takes the snap may feel back to throw four A man rushed Sets up throws a wine drive to midfield caught find a choker when he's going to carry a defender inside Kansas City territory out of the 36 yard line. Luxurious need went for a ride of about 10 yards ends up being a 43 yard. Bullet from Mayfield to the Joker. That's some call by Stefanski that time to be aggressive in that situation to go to the tight end for 40, plus yards, Cleveland called the time out. Those timeouts by the Chiefs early on, coming off their goal line really helped them. They've got two timeouts left it there at the Chiefs 36 yard line. They're thinking about points right now, With 49 seconds to go now, before the end of the half makers been out just outstanding today and just the way that he has led His deep balls have been on target. They've got to 40 plus yard receptions. Schwartz into in joke. Who in this first half Mayfield, 12 1486 yards. Wow, that was a line drive down the sideline, showing off his arm strength and against good coverage hunts going to go out of the backfield out to the right as a receiver. Empty backfield. Now hunt motions back to the right of Mayfield out first at 10 30. Six yard line of the Chiefs staff back to Mayfield sets up pressured, moving to his right on the run is going to throw it away to stop the clock with 43 seconds to go. Mike Dana had the pressure playing for the injured Frank Clark for the Chiefs. Smart, smart by Baker, though Take the incompletion. Don't force anything good job taking care of the football. The offensive line has Come to play. They play great upfront. All day long. 43 seconds left in the half. 2nd and 10 for the Browns at the Chief 36 yard line to the right of Mayfield was out of the gun showing blitz. They don't come four man Rush Mayfield sets up in the pocket going to air it out. Deep down the left side overthrows the intended receiver Schwartz. Who made a move on Chabert. Shamari is water are various ward that sideline was open, but Mayfield missed them. It will be 3rd and 10 coming up 37 seconds to go before halftime. Well, this Cleveland we We know that they can run the ball. They got two great backs. Everybody knows that. But they are Taking deep shots here against Kansas City. They know what Patrick Mahomes in this offense is capable of doing. They're They're the ones that are being more aggressive here in his first half. You said that in your keys to the game before the game, I said, Well, you have to run. The boy said they're going to need to attack and they had attacked 3rd and 10. Now take the snap. Mayfield drops back To the 45. Now he's pressured to write a flag comes down the middle of the field of the end zone overthrows the joke. Who, out of the back of the ends over there is a flag, which would usually indicate holding well, they got white teller holding Chris Jones on the play. It was the right call. Chris Jones, the best defensive player on the field today with Matthew Frank Clark out holding Officer 77 10 Yard penalty third down. That's a critical play because that takes them out of field goal range that holding call with 30 seconds to go before halftime would be a 3rd 20 so that Chris Jones He can line up and end he can line up a defensive tackle. He can go up and down the line of scrimmage and he kind of picks and chooses where he wants to go. He's just a beast. Try to handle one on one teller just didn't have enough to be able to stop him. He's led the Chiefs in sacks each of the last three years point to the right of Mayfield, 3rd and 20 may pull out of the gun takes the snack will drop back to his old 45 years pressure. He's taken down for a second Christian. Finally does get to him. Okay. He just beat Chris Hubbard. Alright on a SWAT like a SWAT SWAT move inside and got a direct line right to Baker Mayfield and you think Chiefs would take a time out, but they're not the clock running down there one time out remaining. It's going to be 1/4 down. It's down to six, down to five. And the chief suit. I'm now going to call a time out. I mean, I don't know why they didn't do that before making punch it and then get a play an 11 yard loss on the sack. My home was trying to get them to call the time out. He was calling the time out from the sideline, maybe recalled a time out with three seconds to go. Yeah, I thought like you, Chris, who would have been automatic Never know. I mean, you drop a punch, snappy. You go for a block, you get it. There's all kinds of things that You can make happen in the final seconds. First sack in this game comes armies and ultimate play of the first half chiefs putting their defense out there just in case, but really you want your star players to step up when the games in the bounds Chris Jones made two great plays back to back. That really knocked the Browns out of a scoring opportunity. And now, I mean, they're not even good. With three seconds. The Browns aren't even going to punch out there just to keep it away for a couple of seconds. They can't take a knee, but you've got to like you gotta run around a couple of seconds. Yeah, Baker will take this ball run out the clock and run right into their right into the tunnel. Final three seconds and a half acre out of the shotgun takes the snap. Throws out to the right. He's got some blockers. Exactly. They are being against the joke running, assuming Landry running pushback move, really flipped it over to Mayfield. Mayfield down the field all the way. The 10 he laterals back to hunt Hunt is finally taken down of the 12 yard line. All right. How about that? So they threw it ends up going for 45 yards. We're thinking they're just going to take a knee. They throw it to Landry. He had two blockers in front of him. He was running from about mid field down around the 30. He flipped it back. And Baker Mayfield ended up running with it. He got it to hunt and made it all ends up In the end of the half. It was eventful. Brian and we'll have more to talk about. Jeff Biggs is coming up. When we return chapel join us from our studios of the Geico halftime report will get the.

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