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The crazy boots i mean she did all these outfit changes the salon she was my favorite i could never do anything like that i had forgotten that beyond cameo in salons coachella two years ago the same dance i love that as a little sister tradition just like you do with your sister me with my brother every april come on out for the festival performance every we do a minute long coordinated dance great job beyond say i know she's tuning in she needs the sort of getting for us to weigh in decide if it like she did a good job or not and now that we've given her the seal of approval she can rest easy i also can treat that coachella weekend to will be on the exact same performance or not i thought someone speculating that she just because she's beyond saying she's at this other level maybe she'll do a completely different set list that'd be so insane i could not handle that i don't think vehicle to handle that you know we'll be talking about next monday let's discuss bieber so he also for very different reasons made headlines it oh chela he love the he kind of everything you did was so like you couldn't even make this up so he was wearing this kind of hawaiian shirt he was shoeless and there's a video of him kind of dancing i guess as generous way of putting it alone at the fastest all and he also posed with this the yodeling kid he was really all over the map coachella and oh i did not realize this dance walking with baskin champion someone did get a little video footage of baskin and justin dancing together i assume at one of those v i p very private parties trusting but that wasn't even the highlights like you know coachella is crazy when justin bieber is like the law at some point like the voice of reason josh de wanna set this one this one up i mean this is like such a wild and there's so many details we don't know but it says justin bieber according to z he was at a party with his friend patrick schwarzenegger and when.

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