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It is like a party? No meet up reports for today but we do have an overview. What's coming up? This is where people go hang out together. Who are producers of the no agenda show? They meet all around the world and can pretty much discuss anything without triggering because not only do they have healthy sized. Amigas these meet ups make them even healthier and to day Kitchener Ontario local forty two. Oh thirty three will be meeting at Moose's Winooski Moose Moose keys In kitchener that'll be at seven o'clock tonight what UK that the no go. What's wrong just made a noise? You grew you dropped the ball here. I'm not even near the Mike. I have sensitive ears drat. You like Magnolia Texas and a local six six seven also tonight. Houstonians come for craft brews the loan pint brewery in downtown Magnolia Texas Texas Joe. Organizing for you then tomorrow the keeper and I will be at Delray beach. Six o'clock that will be the south Florida. Meet up the salt water brewery. This'll be at six o'clock. We're very excited. Look forward to seeing all of you there Saturday. Snow Agenda Band that is Meeting on the slopes the snow agenda details. Josh Cox has everything on the no agenda meets dot Com San Antone on Saturday. Five thirty at the flying saucer and Hubner Road Andrew White organizing for you a New Mexico Albuquerque sidetrack brewing. This is Jeff Twig. Go tell him to stop driving motorcycles. I've known the guy for a couple of years during the show twice. He's been knocked off his motorcycle so he's been banged up and he's back in the saddle. That'll be at three o'clock Springfield Missouri on Saturday Lindbergh's tavern we have the LAX flight. Double O two of the no agenda three o'clock on Saturday at LAX. This'll be fema region nine at the Proud Bird on Aviation Boulevard Leo Bravo organizing for you Missoula Montana local four six on Saturday. Second meet up. Christopher Rammer will be hosting that Three Mile Island EVAC zone meet up six o'clock that'll be Pennsylvania of course at the Hillside Cafe Goldsboro Pennsylvania Durham North Carolina two o'clock and shrinking and will leave more brain room for Thinki- stuff says organizers. Tj meted Brier creek beer garden in Raleigh. And that's what's coming up. Oh I should probably give you Monday and Wednesdays while Monday now the twenty four th the London. Uk Meet up at the Victorian. That's near Paddington station. Make sure you go there too. Great meet a Londoners are a lot of Londoners. It's fun. Wednesday is Vancouver British Paddington Station near Patty at the Victorian near Paddington Station. Oh that's the place so that we have all of meet UPS. It's near Paddington Station. It's easy that's how Londoners talks. Oh I can get there from what station Paddington station yet Paddington. You'd get out there. They're no agenda styling musical man marriage marriage you WanNa meet up for the masses. Sounds like a stone thing that'll be at twelve King's twelve kings pub. Vancouver BC Adam Bowen hosting for you brand new on the list. Nurnberg embedded world. Meet up seven. Thirty at the cluster. Kahlo S. T. R. That'll be organized by Lawrence and at seven thirty in Deutschland Nuremberg and then Friday Finally the bay area troll moot in think he should be at this. One John. The Bay area troll moot. That's not this Friday. Next Friday at Drake's dealership Jennifer. And Sean organizing for you. There's a lot of meet UPS taking place If you didn't hear anyone on this list that's near you go to no agenda meet ups dot com you can search on date etc and if you can't find anything near you for God's sakes man set one up yourself. It's like a party. No agenda meet UPS DOT COM living in Dixit seeing heads. Zona stick divorce back in curry. Would help.

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