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Murders that have shaken autopilot brooklyn sadder martin golden sponsored the bill it's overdue oh how many more funerals how many more gang shootings long island to seen at least eleven gang related deaths in the last six months of heart nbc news radio new york blasio says he celebrated his birthday with a quiet evening at home china are just got out there is no frills nobel now whistles were just hanging out on together which is my favorite thing to do just have an ally veteran fifty six yesterday sports action match with a walk off win over the giants for three and the yankees beat the reds tend to for some of paving and milling in town broadway is closed between of forty first in thirty six treats because of and prostrate shutdown between fulton change treat madison avenue thirty four through forty first and it's kinda of worked at has fifty second street closed between second in first avedis battery park underpass shutdown fdr drive over towards the west side highway and on fdr drive two lanes are blocked the sixties into the seventies southbound new jersey turnpike turnpike not to be able to use the truck lanes your palisades interstate parkway approach with the george washington bridge everything still shut down that on ongoing accident investigation alternate side in effect today it's mixture of sun and clouds today near sixty sun and clouds again tomorrow in the low sixties you now know what's going on until ten am nine seventy am the answer here's jerry utah hall of fame tennis player talking about balance of nature when you get to be a senior aides almost seventy seven eliza step here a little rain flack lose a little timing but the thing i've noticed since i've been on balance of nature i'm.

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