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You know you're not again. and. Isn't that car? Like Rub you probably sometimes referred to your youngest son is the baby right? If you your wife Yeah and I do to our sons are the same age. So you know what I mean like a baby could be different different to different people I don't know like. Our Bam Bam and tables babies. I don't know how old they are. I don't know not sure. They invest this it has the momentum to go to the wheel. Do you think some sort of like a baby bracket is interesting? Yes. Someone should do it like if wombat order somebody wants to steal it. WOMBAT water idea. Bracket. So it be hard to play games with Davies. That's that's tough part, but maybe maybe we can figure out. Okay. Not Bad. All right. Are we ready to talk about what's on the wheel for this week? Yeah. Let's let's been. All right. Here we go. We have a season three episode, seven Fishbowl. We've got the coin flip. We've got the back to the crappy movie diaper no more spooky movie called her, and especially after you guys didn't really like Leprechaun three. People's choice. We have the prices right? We have PR firm Robert Costa the PR firm choose your nap venture, the viral challenge tournament, Shark Week. spinoffs our trash robin event, the game show Robin Cuba's spice up their lives, place your bets and Rene. Acts Okay forgetting anything. not tell the truth gone. So I think you nailed everything nailed everything. The thing's really hovering around may be coming on next week but I think we're good for now. Okay. So let's go ahead and get our wheelspin in for episode number one. Oh, six coming up on next week's show I renew up episode in November actually depends on when the set one ends up launching could be the second in November. All right. So let's go ahead and get the wheel going episode number, one, Oh, six, madge, what are you hoping comes up? Live Up. Sorry. Match probably a big kickback. The coal fans knew she probably won the viral viral trend challenge. How about you Angela? What would you listen to on one x? I'm waiting for. The prices rights Or the family, matters. Done very specific. Comes up and we know that she is in fact the witch. Okay Somewhere. Rooting interest. I actually Kinda WanNa see the prices right one as well. I, if I hope people aren't to burned out on game shows, we have a couple. Million guests which that one I I do want to build a game show with Europe also speaking of game shows that'd be fun for next week. Okay. Let's see episode one. Oh six what's IT GONNA BE? Round and round she goes and it's coming up on Oh. Okay. Next. Week, we are going to be getting on the old tick Tock for a viral challenge tournament. Added go all right Angela. Do you have any suggestions for what would be a good viral challenge that we should be starting? Man I am not good with coming up with ideas I. have no idea. Schedule if you had the dress up sorry the dress up as enough character this year what where would you have gone if you did renowned dress up Like the idea of Marvin Harry. I, think you guys referenced set a lot and I probably would have gotten my husband to join and more him. Yeah or had my youngest son is back with the pizza. The changes you. Yes. Exactly. I would have probably done that. That's the one that I. I would have done this year rob also almost filthy animal season I. Don't know if your kids are GonNa walk home alone lot the next month Wendy do watch it. Everyone gets called the filthy animal. About. Okay. For Viral Challenge. Like it has to involve food like maybe how quickly you can drink something or how much is something you can fit in your mouth madge. What if this wind gusts stargate challenge where people are going through like building a stargate in their house and then they walk out and then there somewhere else. That did happen in one of the episodes an alien was staying in one of the. One of the team members house and he built a stockade apoptosis Dosa..

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