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The capitol and two kovin since then that in carrying out military operations over the process of seven decades uh against the people while and um should obviously the idea is to get more people to understand where it is what's happened as you just described the the history and what is it known for right it's known for oil gas mineral wealth right roll thus primarily the reason why pox on or close to the tree forty four percent books as landmass so uh it's also the most richest in natural resources it has the lowest population so if we were an independent state we we would be quite role of because we don't have a whose population but buck sons population is like the most populous province is two hundred million thus us uh sorry hundred and ten billion so the total population books and his two hundred million and one province comprises one in ten million and the way only 10 million in comparison so all our natural resources are similar enough for them we've got oil we've got the largest copper a reserves in the world and that one of the largest gold reserves in the world and natural gas and also port which china is seeking to gain access to the indian ocean so they constructing a porch with the help of the puk sending authorities mile we're speaking with jordan mango he is a political activist human rights defender and spokesperson for the whereabouts of milosz in organization and he's exiled actually speaking to us in london to the uk because what is the fear that you'd be killed right by the pakistan government or the facts the new government uh does not want this issue to be spoken about which is why no one knows about unfortunately you know unfortunately for the for the us it seems to be the.

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