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The funniest lawyer in New Jersey is certainly a dubious distinction these have been in Trenton for the last sixteen years or so in that time in Trenton who's the strangest person you ever served in the state assembly with well I would never given name well just you know yes no maybe you can transpose the first and the first and last initial party affiliation no no you are of the same party you know you get a lot of strange people in in the legislature and what I will as I said you get you have to get along even with the strange people because if you don't then the public suffers I've met thousands of people what the best thing people to why in politics I never get a politics when you get to meet thousands of people and you find some of the finest people on earth people were generous and kind and I've made incredible friendships by having the opportunity to meet that was B. most people are limited in who they meet I'm not three events tonight yeah and I have found people who are just amazing individuals and I made my friends and the best thing that's come out of politics is the friendships that I've made and across the aisle as well and it's not limited to Republicans it could be you know the Republicans saying crazy about as Democrats some of them tell us about I'm not crazy about yeah yeah once again it's never helpful as I said in the book to be negative because it comes back to get you every time now course Joe Piscopo is one of my favorite people on earth talk about people I love you know people were flat great people there's a couple of former Attorney General's Chris Perino and Jeff key AZ these people were just magic yes I like to talk about the positive stuff but the negative still end up with much here at tech. at ten AM. you know you know some people some people are mad at you because you're Republic you mentioned Republican I had a woman walking a dog on my street as you earn just mumbles at me in not opportune you speak they're just mad those are the people I I don't like people form an opinion without any basis what's yeah they don't know you but they hate you and that I think is a real serious threat yeah well at that's for sure all right eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine and our balance of nature phone line if you have a question for the minority leader if you can coax him into what telling some of these tales out of school eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine and I want to conversation we had before we went on the air yeah you said that you thought we were in any year these days where they're trying to throw every politician in jail now well we need to look at the facts let's talk about everyone Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Chris Christie of governor Cuomo everyone at some point there are under investigation for the blood via the largest again here's the problem when you start to put politicians all of them under investigation with the threat of criminal charges who would want to go into politics they're going to look at you and you know the rule if you look at anybody too closely you're going to find something wrong with them and I think it will be a chilling effect on people getting involved in politics it's one thing to want to win a race it's another thing to want to put the other side in prison and you see that going on that is an extremely dangerous trend but it seems like one of the one of the worst offenders of that was Chris Christie when he was US attorney I mean if you look at a lot of the public officials and that were that he indicted and and and convicted it looks like there was a lot of classic cases of him over charging it looks like him kind of create creating crimes for what was just standard political conduct you don't see it that well jurors in those cases Anna I think a hundred and ten convictions in a row. with out any innocent. verdict to me I do believe we should be focusing only on politicians I don't think that's what Chris Christie was doing but prior to crisscross the obviously there was a lot of corruption in New Jersey politics I think people are a lot less likely to take a cash in an envelope than they were prior to Christmas eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine and a balance of nature phone line let's say hello to gel on Staten Island hello Joe you're on with the minority leader John Brown. good morning assembly member that gets you a flavour rebel rows up from New Jersey Republican club how are you Sir I'm doing well right rabble rouser. I just wanted to call you say about I tell people about old why did you ate we always had to tell me I'm not for everybody okay but at least and and and ideology that I stayed true to people who just keep going with the flow and change their mind into the just change up whatever it takes to be elected and be accepted those people I really don't care for I don't blame you and I think you raise a really good point that you want to at least give somebody an opportunity to be heard and try to undo see here's the thing it is better to try to understand them to be understood so I try to think where's the other person coming from your what what's what why do they have that opinion and give them an opportunity to support their opinion and I will do that and it gives you an opportunity to learn from someone else but I should do is scream at you now that's for sure eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine Ernest is in Newark New Jersey hello aren't as you on with assemblyman Dov Hikind what I'll do is give me signs banners no I I just got a note that that you get up the the he always does an eight it was like college I was transported by a Star Trek done there's no you don't have the right offering cough I'm off coffee yes my first week off coffee right so it's having what because of Carol alt and doctor does is Howard so yeah Vikings in our outlet you know so last night yeah last night was my. any coping normal coffee. last night was my first late late night since being off coffee so you are on let me be very clear with the author of why people don't like you John Brown Nick. good morning gentlemen you're doing a great job with Joe gone Sir I just want to say something and back in twenty ten Chris Christie sign something called the executive order number twenty four and in that it states all public officers have to sign and have a financial disclosure statement what do you say about that when you find out that many of these officers don't have financial disclosure statements they should probably disclose our finances I would say I think every legislator in New Jersey should turn over the to have their tax returns discloses should be complete transparency and I I've said that on the Florida legislature. open public records as to where I make my money should be public to everyone so I certainly follow up on that executive order and find out why people haven't disclosed and I'm happy to get back to you on that yeah well and if you have a question for minority leader Branik eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine and are bound to make your phone like no you're just going to talk about my high school best will clear but I never got again for years I have the record of Plainfield high school never got off the bench is that right it's actually a record no one's been broke never been broken that's pretty impressive I've literally became like the scorekeeper that that was well you know it's a now he probably goes every day you can't get a part of it so your districts that were different versions so folks know includes which counties which municipality drive three counties it's Mars and its Somerset and its union and I've sixteen thousand those three counties being aware they gerrymandering it's a weird kind of puzzle piece the start up in basking ridge comes all the way down three Union County summers and down the Roselle park but it's sixteen thousand through cancer al's not on your district the hardware no Clark's right next to it and Clark love Clark people love Clark great place southbound of course does the Mary metal mess was bottom because I'm telling you right now. so I was at a sushi place in Westfield one time out of this world so that was my one experience in Westfield and have you come back to the main your server like this I can't believe that was good I was in New Jersey. it was actually good yeah I mean I never went back I don't like going a reason to go back. was this I was asking through his traffic at the Donald doing call me stop crab company. well it was okay I mean it's not you know it's not queens right right playing only travels to New Jersey we have to go to a letter that was so she doesn't want to it was right out of his way out of this was a freshman at eight so you can write from New York so she was right so and so's visit go in the I visit my own vision chips let's. I'm visiting my wife of my review of your wife's uncle ray who lived in west field at the time and we decide to go go out today and we go to the weight sushi place I this was four years ago I haven't stopped thinking about the grilled octopus at this sushi place and then that is well it's it's not just usually that's also the great Japanese food and then we raise octopus about Jersey does that mean the welcome park west is a it's a tank for octopus so then we go back there back to their house a year later and I say to my fiance is there any way you think we can go to that sushi restaurant so she's making plans with Iran and she says well you know what do you guys want me and she said well Frank was saying you know we may we go back that sushi place and their response was well we just went there last night so I will want to go there again with a pizza now why should I be penalized because they chose to go there on a night that we were going to put that in the book exactly how would you had last night right right right and you weren't married right exactly they should be worn. the very next women to its right my daughter brings a guy I like the guy okay I'm going to sushi he was grilled October eighty one eight and I'm going to I'm gonna be sick get go out and get to grow to every single leases now I have a single daughter all right well eight seven seven nine seven zero two nine nine nine if you're looking date.

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