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California business we will do everything we can to make sure fairness competition and good prices prevail the settlement includes the expanded T. mobile agreeing to offer affordable plans in California for at least five years giving a ten million dollar low income households access to one hundred gigabytes of free broadband per year and protecting the number of jobs post merger and also we have accused killer Golden State killer suspect Joseph James deangelo in the news so I have to submit to more DNA testing prosecutors from several California counties where deangelo is accused or asking for new samples compared to crime scene evidence defense attorneys arguing that deangelo already gave samples when he was arrested judge Steve white though will allow for new samples but did deny a fifth white also expressed concern that with the fact that six county DA's offices are pooling their resources for the prosecution while the second county public defender's office is on its own it's now six thirty five at KFBK let's get more news now the latest on our top national stories on news ninety three point one K. two K. sports events cancelled parks museums even Broadway closed it's the new norm as covert nineteen pandemic grossed more than thirteen hundred infections in the U. S. and at least forty deaths California governor Gavin Newsom says about five hundred passengers are still aboard the grand princess cruise ship at the port of Oakland we anticipate that by the end of this evening one thousand and seventy five crew members will still be on board that ship as you know a few crew members went back on these repatriated flights to Canada and to the United Kingdom more passengers who disembarked tested positive that brings the total number of cases to twenty three Dr Anthony Fauci the head of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases says the trump administration is still behind on testing but working to make more kits available not gonna be months it's going to be weaker so we gonna get many many more a test that will be available foundry testifying today two members of Congress Dario all dinner ABC news.

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