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Will be the first African American to lead the agency. Randy Moore will take over as chief of the Forest Service next month, replacing current but retiring chief Vicky Christiansen. More is a career forest service employed and is currently the regional forester in an area that includes California, a state that's been walloped by wildfires year after year after year. Much of the U. S. Forest Service's budget now goes to fighting wildfires every year, which is sidelined other needed work, including efforts to lower fire risk. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says more will be taking charge at a critical time. Much of the West is parched and sweltering. Under record heat. Nathan Rott NPR news on Wall Street, the Dow was down 150 points to 34,023. The NASDAQ closed up 140 points today. You're listening to NPR. Memorial dedicated to the five Capital Gazette newspaper employees were fatally shot by a gunman three years to the day has been unveiled in Annapolis, Maryland. Remember Station W am you Dominique Maria Benassi has more the memorial called the Guardians of the First Amendment. Has 58 ft tall pillars, one for each of the deceased that sit in front of a brick wall with an engraving of the First Amendment. A few 100 people made up of survivors, victims, family members and the press gathered to honor the lives lost. Rick Hutzell, the paper's former editor in chief, was one of three people who took a buyout from the papers new owner Alden Global Capital earlier this month he encouraged the public to honor the victims in another way, if you care about journalism and truth and freedom of the press Anywhere. Subscribe to your local news organization because that's the only way they will survive A criminal responsibility trial for the gunman, who's already pleaded guilty begins Tuesday. For NPR News. I'm Dominique Maria Bessie in Annapolis. We unprecedented heat wave continues in the Pacific Northwest, with dangerously high temperatures gripping Washington state, Oregon and Idaho. In Portland, Oregon. Officials shut down light Rail and Streetcar Service due to high temperatures over the weekend. Portland and Seattle as well as other cities, broke all time heat records. With temperatures over 100 degrees. It was expected to be even hotter there in some spots this week. The Heat wave has also moved into Idaho, with Boise forecast have temperatures of more than 100 degrees for the next seven days. Crude oil futures were down $2.14 a barrel to 70 to 91 a barrel. I'm Jack Spear, NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors.

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