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To this week's weekly energy boost. My name is Alicia and I'm here this morning with David and we are all geared up to share with you the secrets to manifesting your goals. Last week, we spoke about creating goals and the best practices on UH in order really not only from our experience but from the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, we talked about how to properly and effectively get the highest aspirations out in the most practical and positive way. That's what we do here at the weekly energy boost. Every episode is a seven day spiritual energy forecast. Last week was really the you know the the universe was really supporting us to create and to see to have a vision of what we're capable of this week we wanNA focus on. Making sure that those that a month into the gym membership, we're not sitting on the couch eating potato chips. So to speak the colloquial couch so this week is all about nuts and bolts. It's about you know recognizing from the previous year where we fell short and how we still have this this opportunity we spoke about the. I think the last four or five episodes we spoke about how we have this ability to reflect and transform what whatever happened in the past year that doesn't that didn't get us where we wanted to go and we have one more week left of that. Possibility that opening to to US last year as the catapult for this year. So we're going to be talking about today is how to make sure that everything that we desire for our self in the coming year manifests. Yes, you said that this year I'm sorry this week is There's an opening in the upper worlds where. We have the ability to access parts of ourselves in an easier way that we've never had before the capitalist say that there's actually ten days according to the ten dimensions are soul. And we've. We've we've. We've already this is the third day right. So this is the third day of US accessing the deeper part of ourselves for anyone who wants to make a change or who wants to draw strength or who wants assistance because. We're not convincing the light of the Creator to be good to us I think sometimes in literature on the Bible it's written that way as if I need to convince the external force to behave a certain way towards me. When we say that we pray the whole class about prayer and Kabbalah Juan when we say we pray that we request that we ask that we beg for Assistance Energy. Essentially, what we're doing is we're were causing a transformation to occur within us. The way our soul is designed is that every time we pray we change that's basically what happens when you ask for something you change your spiritual and physical DNA inside of you. Now, there's different levels and degrees of asking a person can nonchalantly. Just say I would like something versus someone who says I I really, I really want something and versus something else that the cabalists say that imagine a person is on the way to their execution and they're begging for their life right this is the highest level of asking wanting what that does is it creates some difference inside of you, which then allows the infinite light of the Creator, which is always there to come in. That's not an extreme example, it all not an extreme example. What of that one of the images I I give to students in the classes is. Imagine you take this bottle of water that's empty. I've ever shared this before the. Bottle of water that's empty and there's a cap on it so. Just an empty bottle and there's nothing can go in or out and you take this bottle of water and you shove it. Under water. And, now, it's imagine you put it in the pool of water. So now there's water coming from all sides putting pressure on the bottle but because the cap is on the bottle, it cannot come in the water cannot come in, but there's pressure there's pressure and all of us when we feel pressure in our lives Kabbalah says, this is called the surrounding light. It's light that is our potential it is light that might. Be represented as a new relationship it's light that might be represented as prosperity and sustenance clarity an and sir, you want an answer about a question you have and you don't know what the answer is whereas the answer the answer is in your surrounding lights go back to the bottle. The bottle is us we have a cap on we are under water. The water represents all that we want the we don't have yet. And the water is trying to get in. Why this pressure and that's why people stress and pressure. We have a whole class about stress and pressure. That's a stresses. When you feel stressed you can't sleep and you having Zaidi. It's because the light is pressing on you saying, reveal me reveal me that is the nature of the light to fill where a gap or there's a hole. The light doesn't punish. We are the ones who have the CAP on. Now, what happens the moment you remove your cap? The water rushes into the bottle and fills the bottle. How do you remove the CAP? That's what prayer is you pray when you ask requests from the bottom of your heart for assistance transformation for clarity for certainty. You remove the cap from your bottle and then the light the. So to speak the water rushes in to you and this is the best week. This is the best week to request pray because the cap is maybe the cap is a little loose, right? Now, we have the opportunity to. Just gotTa you just gotTa take the rest of the distance. Well, I love what you said because for me when it comes to the concept of getting what we want. There is there are a lot of us out there. That are wishers, right? We wish what you know I wish for More. Money bigger house the better relationship by I wish for a lot of things but. I think it was that we had a show about this last jake in here his voice. We had Marcus West as their wishers and there are doers right and the the differences, and this is something that I have heard my teacher speak about endlessly is that you know wish is a really nice thought..

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