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Like there was consensus of the party that prepares the badge Boyd ever play. And it was like bird. Everybody's like second. Yep. Yep. Yep. Second. Yep. Second. Fifth. Yeah. I would back Kelly trap, much better, Tom Chambers. Yeah, wreck Barry and regret. He's a sitting there just eating steak. Like, yeah. I was I was called a real coat. And he was like, I close personal friends Spencer Haywood who we spent most of the time with just see like he easy opposite, Rick Perry. He loves me. I think he did me if given the chance I I don't know who you, and Dan, I think he really enjoyed that. Magic suits business. Yeah. That's that's true shoot suits shoes. All that. He's also very he's a he's a guy who runs hot which is weird considering how many layers he constantly has on, you know, four layers of d'arme under the tunnel under the long Johns wool. But yeah, he tried to say Bobby Dandridge gave. Rick berry forty once and wreck buyer was like impossible. I would have filed out. I was a poor sport. It was let me say I was going to. I haven't my fingertips right now. Should I check like the head to head to see? What's what are just let the story be the store? Let it be just I think so too. 'cause I think actually Spencer might have misspoke. I think Rick gave Dan Dandridge forty. But he said it the other way and Rick buyers like I'll kill everyone in here. What we dust them off right now got converse in the car. Yeah. We were asking like 'cause we only had like we had to sit down with who. You'll hear on this episode wreck. Barry Nancy remained, excuse me future. President of the United States potentially the entire world. Nancy Lieberman of the other is the difference. Spencer love Jew. Rick. Love me. Nancy loved us. Bo Nicorette and all of humanity. Now, she weather fan of Devlin though, 'cause Devlin Calder miss swung on them. Yeah. Now, she she would tighten them up real quick. Yeah. Nancy run wraps for us. She as she was just the best. We gotta talk to her. She'll be back on for certain, correct? And spencer. We had sweet long sit downs with all three of them. And then at the party, we just had a camera, and we will walking around talking to people. And so we only had him for a few quick minutes. And so we didn't want to ask like super personal questions. We wanted to ask like things that these guys could get him riled up things. I would. Let them know. We were just like media. We were just trying to get them to laugh. And so we let off like all right? Who in this room would be the most e AB would be the easiest to give buckets too and people calling out other people. And then Rick Barry was just like I don't wanna be disrespectful. I would just give everyone bug. It's everybody would get twenty eight. Six assists couple boards. And yeah, good defense. I get to the stripe nine two. But it isn't credible. Like rip berry, led the NC double A ABA an NBA in scoring only player to do that. Lebron didn't even come close to of those showers. Go couldn't be may also look up Bobby Dandridge that really good career. Yes. Looking at two-time champion. One with the the bucks, then the bullets Ford all star games a second team defensive. I seem for career average eighteen and a half, seven boards and three assists..

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