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Your body the energy that it needs to optimize, to build strength, to build endurance, and even the fight aging. So these postbiotics your body makes them during digestion, but you can also consume urolithin a, as like an anti aging hack. And there's a company called timeline nutrition. There are Swiss based life science company, the global leader in urolithin a research, they make your lithium product that's not only NSF certified for sport. But comes in this very simple capsule that you can take or a powder that you can mix into your breakfast yogurt or your daily smoothie. They have a palate or that's like a protein. So it's whey protein mixed with the bioenergetics of the Euro lithium in a form called mito pure. And then they have, like I mentioned, these little soft gel capsules. So if you want to see how you feel when you pop one of the most advanced anti aging compounds that now exist and you want to try this year with an a for yourself. Go to timeline nutrition dot com slash Ben. That's going to give you 10% off your first order of mito pure. So timeline nutrition, TIME, LI and E, and UTR TION dot com slash Ben, and they even have a starter pack where you can just try all three. The powder packets, the protein powder and the Ural at the night. So there you have it. This podcast is also brought to you by one of the best mattresses out there in my opinion. It's called the Ascension mattress. They've eliminated all sleep interrupting stimulants. And you'll have to listen to my podcast with Jack, who runs this company. They use a patented beyond latex organic foam technology keeps you cool. Keeps you basically very well supported during the night. All their mattresses are allergen free. They have this packed patented technology that allows you to get active cooling and accelerated recovery and increase deep sleep cycles all at once while you're sleeping, no EMF. The Wi-Fi, no crazy technologies embedded in the mattress that are gonna fry your brain while you're asleep. And they're all certified organic. The latex is made from like a heavy a milk SAP. I mean, literally this is like the cleanest match or snow to humankind. They've even through dark filled microscopy shown that blood cells.

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