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Stop. You know, there's not going to be anybody hosting the Oscars. We know the whole Kevin Hart story, it's very upsetting Christian. We're going. He hasn't gotten over it. Are you have you looked over the list? Are you rooting for anybody? Are you? This is the first time Hillary that I'm not into it. I don't know. I mean this movie slump. I mean. Yeah. Love movies of the nominated films. I saw black klansman and vice I haven't seen the other seven normally around this time, I would have seen every nominated film every nominated actor I'll catch up. But normally when the list comes out, which is like the Tuesday morning at eight forty five. I'm like glued to the TV like waiting to see who's getting nominated last year was like after lunch, and I'm like, oh, yeah. That's right. The Oscar nominations came out this morning. Look see what they were. So up course watched the show. I wish they had a host did it. I just one that the whole rigmarole impacted your obviously, you already sort of weren't watching movies as much. In. But do you think that the Kevin Hart is not really now, I'm really not a big fan of Kevin Hart. I respect them hard working guy. But if it was Ben Chris rock or Bill Maher or someone else that I really really like, then I would obviously be more interested in that. But like Seth MacFarlane. It's always great as a host. The guy could sing he could host. He can do voices just a very talented guy. But normally you'd have like the host as part of the process during the morning of the nominations. So there's there's none of that this year because there's no host. But yeah, no, I don't think that impacts me. It's just I I've just gone into this movie slump. I don't know what what happened. Therapist at this point to get me back out to the into the spirit of that is a common reason people usually decide to up and start going to there. I think so. Yeah. I haven't been to the movies. What? Maybe they'll just tell me to re up my movie Powell part of the reason the movie pass kind of. Yeah. Because I was paying ten dollars a month and yet unlimited movies, which that's great good to be true. Yeah. But now it's like it's ten dollars a month. And you can only use it three times a month, and it has to be certain movies at certain times. It's like, that's why canceled it I think AMC. Our lows is coming out with a movie club for twenty bucks a month unlimited movies. I think that's great because all you really need to do is go twice to pay for it. The cost of movies now, although I like to go like on a Saturday morning around eleven thirty. It's like seven bucks to go. See a movie, and then I go grab lunch afterwards. It's like an old man thing to do. I don't care at all about Kevin Hart. But, but I will say that this whole rigmarole has made me want to watch the Oscars less or has deterred me from really caring as much about this year's Oscars. I mean, then again, I don't really care for assessment Farland either. So maybe I, you know, Billy, crystal back. I mean, Bill was great. They don't have a I don't have a favorite. I sorta liked Ricky as all the people were so crazy about it that that made it tough cringe. But. Isn't necessarily. Exactly, that's that's the issue is that. Anyway. Yeah. So I mean, I don't know there's something about certainly I maybe I've just maybe I have indeed thought more about the Oscars. But then the idea of the Oscars without a host sounds just not that good to me. No. And then when it comes to the when it comes to the the actual nominations. Maybe that's I think that's factor in in my room sort of random annoyance with the whole situation. If you haven't really seen the movies. I mean like Romo got a lot of nominations. I guess it's brilliant. I do want to see it. Right. But I haven't. So there's part of me. I I didn't even see Black Panther which I'm ashamed to say. Because I. Yeah. I mean, I saw black klansman. I thought was really good. It was good to see Spike Lee finally get nominated for best directly never been nominated for best director before as black Landsman was very very good. Vice I was not impressed. What I knew it was going to get a lot of Oscar nominations led by Christian bale and some of the other movies. I'm just gonna have to get out and see what normally they'll do is the lows in Boston common the Saturday and Sunday before the Oscars they'll have all nine films available. I like I don't want to spend an entire day sitting there watching three movies. But if they're spaced out enough, you know, you can watch one go grab coffee, whatever come back watch the second. Go back out grab lunch and dinner and make it I've seen three movies at a movie theater in a day. I I can pull that off after that. That's it. I mean, I don't know how someone sits there for twenty four straight hours watches, unless it's, you know, a movie level off. Right. Locked but I'll try to catch. Up on that stuff. But there's and there's also like I have my favorite directors and actors, right? None of them are really there. That's another thing. Like Martin Scorsese did make a movie this year. Right. So I generally always see Martin Scorsese films and want to see him win these awards because I think he's the best director of our time up there of of the last thirty forty years. I mean, he's he Kubrick Coppola Spielberg pick whoever you want. There's not even a Spielberg film, which is kind of good. I mean, you just don't want to have the same five director's coming forward with five. Great good that we've expanded into other with more types of talent. I'll probably going to root for black klansman because I think spike Lee's a very accomplished director. And it'd be pretty cool if you won best director, but I Roma is going to win a lot of the awards. Oh, that's interesting. Yeah. I mean, I'm looking at supporting actress, and I can't see. Who had clear favourite? But apparently, maybe it's the Roma Yemen. Yeah. I think that's going to happen. And also a star is born I missed. Yeah. Which I wanna see and I've heard saga loved it. And some people said right, and I'd have to say after Z Golden Globes performance or lack of I should say that doesn't seem like it's on the up and up the other issue, of course, being unfortunate for for bohemian rhapsody. But that situation with the director and the smear campaign coming out. That's that's probably going to be thrown into the mix. When it comes to voting on stuff that happened to Lincoln six years ago. Yeah. Thought Lincoln was going to win best picture. And I thought it was the best movie of two thousand twelve but then down the stretch before the votes were, you know? Cast the reports that some of it was fabricated. And I'm like, I'm cool with that. Because it's a drama, right? You know, it's not a documentary. A certain way that Connecticut voted that were perceived in the movie, and I'm like, okay, great. This is not a documentary. Steven Spielberg, not a documentarian. He's a great director look over it Argo won that year, which I thought Lincoln was back. Yeah. I liked Argo as well. But that was the first movie in a couple of decades that won best picture without its director. Even being nominated Affleck wasn't even right. I think driving miss daisy was the last one before that nineteen Eighty-nine which won best picture, but. Nominated for best director. I don't know what nightmare had to happen in order for crash to win best picture that was the biggest surprise ever. It was the worst movie. I. So much so like cliche trite an terrible. It was. I think it was well acted Matt Dillon. I thought it wasn't. It wasn't well acted. And I think that some BS happened that year something some sort of weird campaign and people ended up reporting on it. I think because it was such like, I mean, I don't think everybody hated it as much as I do. I I was like really an even if you like on the especially in the year, I thought Brokeback mountain was better. There were so many thought Munich. Was a great great movie. But I knew that wasn't going to win because Spielberg actually. In that movie. He he didn't turn it into a black and white argument Iraq, golden feathers by. Yeah. Those because he made the Palestinians, look human, and that was a major blow back. I thought that was a brilliant film. I think that's one of his most underrated films, but I knew that wasn't going to win. But when crash was announced as best picture. I'm like really it was awful awful. I really I will say I lost some faith in late. I could not understand. I really couldn't. And I think I was in. I spent probably more time than I should have trying to figure out like take days off that. Well, the extensive. The extensive yarn and push pin chart that is now on my, you know, basement wall and smoke filled room of me trying to get to the bottom of it poster of crashed with darts in it. Try to tear it. I oftentimes you'll look back and say, geez. How does that win? Best picture over this other one. Viner right tons. That's what happens choice. I also think that there was some discussion about them. Having a better hype man, or you know, what I mean, better average campaign within the academy to push for their film that happens. Remember, which one it was? But it was definitely like one of those two because because it was the worst movie ever. And what the bleep is only could think of. To make that case that that's the worst best picture ever. I mean, I sat through the movie I think sat through it at the theater, which is doubly bad. And it was just so annoyed because it was just wrote. It was like everything you're being beaten over the head with come on already. No, not a big fan of that movie. At all, I just didn't think it was worthy of being an Oscar winner. And look when he finally won his Oscar departed best director best picture. I love the movie a lot. But it's not as not as best movie. I mean, raging bull taxi driver means training fellas right there. Yeah. I mean, Al Pacino won best actor for scent of a woman. I can tell you six to eight Pacino better. It's kind of like a lifetime achievement award. Okay. This guy's obviously a great actor deserves an Oscar. Okay. Let's give it to him. Now. And that happens, I'm sort of okay with that. I just find especially an actor that grains, same with same with Scorsese. Or for example, Spike, Lee, right? Right. I mean, hopefully, it sounds even like that. The black klansman is is actually good stuff. So that's good and Denzel Washington son is in it. Oh, that's really good job. He's not quite as talented as Denzel is an actor. But then again, there's not many it was funny. You know, how there's a lot of movies out there that are basically action movies with Denzel. My husband put one on over the weekend just on cable, whatever just happened to be on. And it was funny. I was like, oh, how did you decide on this? And he said, well, he said. He said that action movies with Denzel tend to be at least slightly better than the other action move. Yeah. Because it's so good. Yeah. And and look he's like man on fire. Right. Was you know, it was acceptable because it Denzel Washington 'cause he's he's one of the few actors. That's a great actor Anna star. He's got the charisma and he pulls it off. He has pulled off. There's just not a lot of actors like that the great actors that I grew up with. Pacino deniro Hoffman Nicholson, they were a little bit different. They were really act tours. Whereas Denzel Washington is a great actor. But he's also got that star charisma that you just don't see very often. You don't movie I could watch again. And again is it's inside job. Right. That was basically inside job. I believe so it was a straight. I mean, it was not normal, Spike Lee. And that's what made it. So I just exactly the sort of like the David Lynch movie straight story. Yup. Exactly surprised that it was amazing movie. I loved it. And I I I mean, it's not even most people probably don't think it's much to note about, but I don't know. I really liked it is especially liked it. Because like Jodi foster is. Not trying to be any sort of social Justice. You know what I mean? She's just being Jodie Foster. She plays. This really wealthy sorta weird. The character that I that was sort of really interesting and cool, and then also Kleiber I love Clive Owen. So factor, and there's a really cool shot actually that that Spike Lee has win at one point inside the Bank. You know, Denzel has been trying to navigate this whole hostage situation. And he hears a shot and basically believes that somebody is shot and killed her Bank. And there's this tracking shot. Now. I don't know if it's tracking shot only know is that Spike Lee, she does Denzel moving, but it's all blurred. All you see is denzel's face and you see a bunch right behind him. If you remember the scene I'm talking about. And it was it definitely reminded me of when you get the news that something is huge has happened that impacts you, and it changes everything. And you that that sort of seeing that shot where very much sort of? It's like everything is going super fast and everything is suddenly start still at the same time, and it sort of reflected that really, yeah. No. I mean, Spike Lee is a fabulous director resent so many good things with Denzel Washington, Malcolm X, obviously is is the one that comes to mind first. But yeah, you just you look at spike do the right thing and. Best movie that sorta stuff came at a time. I think that's just it like its impact on the movie business was huge. And it it it made an impact for so many different reasons, I feel like, and that's why I think like he's why people would want, you know, obviously in general say he deserves an Oscar just commercials, which of course, have nothing to do with the Academy Awards. But his commercials were great with Michael Jordan in the eighties. Those those were his he'd be in them. He directed them. Funny. I think I remember. Mars blackmon. He played block Mars Blackmon and a lot of those commercials. And you know, Michael Jordan, it needs to be help helped to become a star..

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