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The victim in bitcoin to avoid detection. So we all know what pets. This is going to be indicated from bitcoin, maybe ten percent this week to get on the train. Did you sell still have sold a buy back in or did you scammer you, this guy? No. I'm just saying, man, wait till September. I on stamps in your car. Twenty two thousand babies going to twenty two. On a side note a similar scam, but I think everyone should know about their is involved sending you an Email claiming to have hacked your search history porn sites, unless you pay them money, they'll share your perversions with your Facebook friends and Email contact. So I mean, basically everyone would know that I really love desks. West is west is a big time watches porn with desk in it. Like student teacher, detentions, if guys are just setting up desks for lonely, housewives into that part of it is the secretaries. The other half of it is he really wants a job, never been triangle guy. Yeah. Yeah. It's a fuck you to corporate. Wait a minute l. corporate life. Are you putting your Email address into point sites? No, I've never got excuse me ma'am. Where would you like this desk setup? I'm still waiting for my free shit west just just readjusted his pants. So the FBI incurred is anyone who receives these things to send complaints, internet crime complaint center and just be careful out there. All right. Well, the Italian space agency on Wednesday announced that they've discovered a large body of stable liquid water under about a mile of ice on Mars south pole. So also known as a lake. The Italians discovered this twelve mile wide lake using their radar radar system called Mars this, which is just Mars with an IS at the end of it, it orbits the red planet on the European Space Agency's Mars express spacecraft, which it sounds fancy. But when you look at it just looks like a normal satellite. So Mars has been collecting data from Mars southern hemisphere since twenty twelve, they discovered the lake because the water looks significantly different creates more bright reflections than the other solids around it like rock and ice. So that's why they think it's water. They're basing that off of reflections from fucking thing. They named Mars, like without any creativity, it could be anything. It could be a giant liquid monster, the fucker it's on Mars. They have no idea. Yeah, yeah, could be could it could be something else other than water, but it looks exactly like on radar what the subterranean lakes on earth look like. So that is bullshit. Yeah, they're pretty much like looking for a reason to send. Oppressively someone farts in the Italian space agency or whatever they sent a press release out into alliens are out there. A lot of scientists are saying, this is like pretty much ninety. Nine point, nine percent. This is water, but the reflections. Yeah, but they haven't ruled out giant space alien though. That's for sure. Disappoint again, man at probably. But the biggest questions now are these does the lake contain any biological life because all biological life needs is water something to live on and then just some sort of pre existing biological life. Are there any other subterranean lake some ours. So that's that's another big one. And then the final question everybody's asking himself is how soon until on musk drugs, everybody at burning man kidnaps them and start new county on Mars where he's the emperor. He's got someone to put it's fucking submarine now that's for sure. Yeah, he desperately wants to be an emperor. I'm glad you said. Yeah, wonder if mmediately just thought there's my new submarine doc. He definitely got most likely to be a number, whatever South African boys school. He went to the fucking nerve at south by southwest this year, someone asked him what kind of. Political thing that you have when you were in Mars needs like, I'm so glad you asked. We would have a direct democracy where everyone would get an equal say, and I was like, but you just instituted the fact that they have to have a fucking direct democracy taking away the entire point of direct democracy because you institute, right? It's the first emperor direct democracy. I mean, he's above the democracy. Let's not do that. After after the entire basis of the rest of our lives is set after guys can start everyone on brother..

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