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Season tested, the limits of the nation's emergency preparedness and its physical infrastructure battering, the east coast in the Florida panhandle with fierce winds and flooding rains. Tropical storm, Gordon was followed by hurricanes Florence, and Michael the three storms combined killed dozens of people and caused billions of dollars in damage, Gordon, Florence and Michael also tested American spirits of resilience and compassion and on that front ABC's. Jim Ryan tells us your countrymen passed with flying colors days before the storm arrived. It was easy to tell that hurricane. Florence would be a bad way. Up and down the Carolina coast homes and businesses were tightly shuttered in advance at the landfall in governor ROY Cooper, it's office today. I've asked the president for a disaster declaration on behalf of North Carolina. So we can get federal help as soon as possible. At what Florence did role in on September fourteenth. It left thousands of people without the bare essentials. What info and I have a neighbor was on oxygen? Try to get some food have had a meal. Then there's the we've been without power for about a week. We're just running out of food and water not long ago. And artifice bad storm shelters filled with evacuees restaurant owners in the storm zone. We're faced with the loss of walk in freezers filled with food when the power went out, the building's fine. Not worried about that. Ed her Steve Lambros, who's Wilmington catering business like all those restaurants was in serious trouble until we able to get a generator. Which was a very difficult to do within wilmington's close-knit food service community word began to spread caterer Steve Lambros had kitchen and cooler space where local chefs could bring food that might otherwise spoil and prepare it for distribution to the victims of Florence. Heath roads was one of the first step up came over joint effort here Donatus. The aroma of gourmet cooking was wafting up from the center of the flood zone. Think you said about one hundred and forty four. Ghosted off in the oven season. I Christie Ferretti owns pine valley marketing Wilmington, she was happy to feed hurricane evacuees something other than cold, sandwiches and peanut butter crackers. It's not a bad meal for regular Wednesday night.

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