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Deflect offers Stroman just touch them a little bit. So two quick goals for the flyers making this game. Five four. It's always interesting between these teams, isn't it? That came after seraglio Johnson at the two on one that did not lead to a goal right here. Circuits having Elaine again website, a Colbert. The left flank. It's Adam Ernie touching it in. By that Hake. Turns it over to Callahan. Ryan Callahan, left circle shoots block calendar. The rebound left circle. Heels for pocket buying that. All of a sudden, it's five four lightning cat the right corner. Looks to make a play in front. He's checked by Robert Hake. Puck squirts freed Adam Ernie rates circle. And they've got the second assist Ernie is stripped by Veroni you exits up the middle at center ice rolls it in Coburn in the near corner. Dislodge it for Sergeyev, he's dogged by Rafal. And then he turns it over Veroni by that rone's checked by Colbert corporate a steel the light near corner on his backhand, flip it out of his own. It got past Goss to spare dribbles into the flyers end. So in the opening five minutes of the third period. The flyers get two of the goals back and it's now five four lightning. Here's Shane gossips. Bear behind the Philadelphia goal. Watches it to center ice Yanni, Gort blocks waits for stamp goes to exit for he carries it in all and they said offside boy the wall the Gord way too long enough not fourteen thirty left five four lightning. The mayor called that one. Johnny Murray must be in a hurry. Faceoff just comes outside the light blue light or the flyer. Blue line. Start.

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