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Bringing the hate next next florida morning. Show this jet bill. Keep here talk. Eight fifty w. f. t. v. cellular a morning show. This is deana. I'm bill tim. Minutes away from cairns. Next news casts Coming up in church. Eleven update on the big internet outage of twenty twenty. One thinks back. Because i i just bought some stuff on amazon i and checked out net flicks and it seems to work fine sameday a regional thing. It's saying the northeast was greatly affected but some of the big names that were affected. And they're slowly coming back online. I guess youtube instagram. Hbo max pay pal amazon. This isn't big ones. that was a huge ones. Yeah i mean you want to really upset somebody shutdown amazon for the day. Oh my god can you imagine no not as bad as if disney plus was affected. Tonight people getting ready for that loki thing that's g- that's about to launch. Can you imagine there'd be riding in the streets. You're probably right. It's funny you know. What i we put that up on our facebook page and somebody actually wrote. That had no idea who we were talking about has disney plus in his rarely watches it. And i'm like wow. She didn't see the avengers at all. I guess i guess. I was like okay. Surprised one of the most heavily promoted streaming things of all time. Disney needs the help believe it or not with their their streaming service. But they think this is going to be the biggest streaming content of all time. Well the cast is really good. I i mean east tom. The reason loki is so popular is because of tom. Hit allston yeah. He does a phenomenal job of playing this character. But now you get owen. Wilson is the guy that plays his boss. I guess he's kind of like who's the samuel l. Jackson is what's his name. I can't think of his name to the rest of the avengers but same kind of situation. Nick fury captain. Nick fury captain nick fury. So he's kind of like the nick fury to tom. Heinsohn so it does. It must drop. What twelve o one. And it's right and it's it's logie. Character was in some of the biggest movies of all time. Now because of the avengers thing eight. I think he was in all of them. Brain tease thors brother right. So wherever four was there. Except what i think he was even wants to wasn't he wasn't the first one that's right. That's right so he Disney disney is really banking on us. I guess it's going to be a huge deal for them and thinking tens of millions of downloads. Really yeah well. I hope they're. They're they're. they're looking to make money for their parks. Being closed for so long right they gotta make up revenue somewhere. That's what they're doing. So i mean it's really this tomorrow and probably mandalorian on christmas. We're going to be the two big things and it comes out..

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