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Me and so I just did it. Because I you know I, wanted the job. I was told by a hair person My my natural hair is really thick and curly, and I was told by a the head of hair. That I said Oh for the for the gallery shoot I'm GONNA wear. You know my own hair. And they told me it would just be easier for us if you just wear it, Warwick. This the gallery shooters like further billboard for all the stuff. You Cnet the big important one. Instead of finding someone, the biggest fight when I was in the middle of Created shown. You know you get in the middle of The contracts and stuff in what will be allocated to whom they were okay with the producer credit that I wanted you know the creator credit all of that stuff. They're okay with, but when it came down to hair. It was like bill. Fight of the century Yup I've I've been on shows where a black cast member shows up and the makeup and hair. People don't do black makeup or hair. It's a thing a lot of hair and makeup. People do not know how to do black hair and makeup n, what's more fucking white centric than, and it's an it's I was like so this is the thing you guys. WanNa. Fight me on. Not The percentages or the points that are more about. Her hair, getting your hair, reading air, I hair, person or getting a provable. Of the hair person that you guys getting tests, and you guys picking a couple of people in me being able to have approval, because it's not fair that I would have to do my own makeup. Fair that will have to my own own hair. Paid for them and for you to not understand why that is important. In how I present myself or for you to not care. I mean I worked on something. Where there was rain machine, and there was black robes like I'm not going into the machine. From was like why not? Actually. I. She had to be quote difficult. She's holding things up. Because people didn't take the time to understand didn't watch Chris Rock documentary whatever it was. To educate themselves about it, and then she had you know it. We're kind of at a point where. In white feminism. When you set a boundary, ask for something. You're a bad bitch, your boss, we're not at that place with black woman women where they feel like they can advocate for themselves without feeling like they're angry. Black Women. Most likely mean don't subscribe to Feminism Yeah. Oh. The women's March first women's March. I learned the hard way went down to the women's March, not one black woman. I was like Wait. What's happening one? It was like we put up the black the black woman. WIG ON I went I called the girlfriend of mine at WHO's black and I was like. Hey, where are you? She was like. White women jumped. The line is what she's. You GO I. Mean, we will sit. We will sit and we will see. And then I went to the second women's March, and there were five black women there, and they were holding signs that said White Women are why trump is president? Damn. Okay copy that. Yeah, it's You know right now. You know there's a lot of like I said I'm I'm more of a person that likes. I'm a healer I want. I want unity, but before we can get that. We have to know what we're unifying We have to understand what is going on and I I was trying to find okay. Where do I fall on the spectrum? Of Activism I'm I I'm a nerd. I like to read I like knowing facts and figures in you know percentages in Okay I love to be a I love being able to explain things to people. I wanted to be a teacher I'm a singer, my voice, all we know the. Hour. We know the gift that the gift that God gave me. Heels and settles and I. Know That about about myself. I was a funeral singer. I had a funeral thing career. Okay, because he really it, so healing I'm like okay so I I had to figure out where I feel on the spectrum of activism in for me, Y say like celebrity. Activism really isn't for me. She just yet. You tweeted that because I don't care about the optics of it right, does it a lot of it feel performance of as? Cloud chasing. Can I ask you a dumb question? When does it not feel performance? I mean like okay. That's helpful. I'm I can't. I can only say for myself. oh, yeah, one black person's answered. Dozen represented yeah yeah I can only say for myself like. First of all skin Fokin Kinfolk, so just because a black person is doing. It doesn't mean it is right in this. or No Hurston? Yes, so you need to know that. But for me personally. It's it's the intention behind why I'm doing it and everything that I do. I talked to myself and I'm like. Are we doing this for optics? Or is our heart in the right place. Who is this going to help? How is this going to help them? What is going to be the resolution everything that I do? I want to be resolution base. Which is why we had that six hours a strategy meeting yesterday for on Meaty because there has to be a solution. It can't be. If you're going to put out this frustrating and fiery energy. That we have to be able to hone it and put it somewhere constructive. And that is that is ultimately the goal I think it gets performance. Give when you just show up to take a picturing a home I think it gives happening a quite a bit. Yes, yeah, and I think it gets performance. when you shoot a music video in front of in a march where it should have been. A vigil for an in about. Brianna Taylor who's killed. WHO's killers are still not over. They're still walking around here free. I think he gets in. That's just my opinion I think he just gets. It gets performance. When there's no risk. When you're not when you're not afraid of losing some when you're afraid of losing something, so you choose to be on the safer side of things, and just while we're talking about it, if that pissed you off to hear that about Brown Taylor Call, Louisville Mayor, Greg Fischer. Five, zero, two, five, seven, four, two, zero, three in demand, the to fire the officers who murdered Brianna Taylor..

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