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Beverly Hills lifestyle ten years ago. And did he work on it for a while? Oh, yeah. No, doug. I mean Doug's was he, you know, was the what do the creative director really the publisher of the magazine, and then they just decided to you know, they wanted to partways and the way they did that was starting a new magazine, and they did that while on the show of see. Right. That was when nobleman starting. Yeah. We don't use that worked. Okay. But that was during the show. Yes. Do you think that they did that though to have a story line for when they came back because that's after they left and came back. They came back going. We have this big adventure of putting this magazine together. So that they use the show to promote their magazine, and the thing that pissed me off those like why didn't you use it to promote ours? And they just said. Start new magazine. So that was yeah. That was that was fun. Those fun to swallow. We swallow. But that was fun to swallow. Yeah. I mean, it's listen, I think that, you know, the reality of that magazine is that if you look at it and look at ours. They're very similar so people still think that we are connected. But we're not at all. Oh, actually the first time. I saw Doug and Lydia in almost three years was at the Vanderbilt dog foundation. I was at their table. How dare you Heather we didn't talk though, how dare you? She would not look in my direction. Well, yeah. 'cause well, the only thing I've said about them is that I just I told people to follow OC Doug because I personally think that his Instagram is so entertaining because it's like him in a pair of swim shorts with like white tux tail jacket. No shirt and like looking off to the side. And it's like seems like a great data to a few laps like stuff like that. I didn't is all like looks like a professional magazine. And I just think this is so funny for like a dad of three to be doing these photos, and I just get a kick out of it. Yep. That's the they look exactly the same. Yes. Okay. Wait, someone the last question is I wanna know how you became such good.

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