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ABC news I'm getting on retired NBA great Kobe Bryant has died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas California the crashed killing all five on board ABC's Alex stone has more on the reaction to Brian's death in a state in LA mayor Eric Garcetti writing quote Kobe Bryant was a giant who inspired amazed and thrilled people everywhere we do seen Comparato scale on the court in on us with these intellect and humility as a father husband creative genius and ambassador for the game he loved and quote they are writing this is a moment believes us struggling to find words Kobe Bryant was forty one years old and there are now five cases of the corona virus in the U. S. to announce today in Arizona and Los Angeles county the others in Orange County California Washington state and Chicago in Baghdad the US embassy compound hit by multiple rockets today according to US officials the strike coming just weeks after an assault by pro Iranian militia members there are no confirmed fatalities this is ABC news a new report indicates a strong economy has at least another year of steam in it ABC's Dave Packer reports finalists for the latest national association for business economics business conditions survey but more bullish for the next twelve months than they've been previously expecting stronger growth says Holly Wade needs director of research majority of them are still looking at growth between one to two percent but Wade says if you are saying between two to three percent of all sales in the fourth quarter were down sales expectations rebounded and that was really really good news with some analysts expecting price increases in the coming months they've Packer ABC news any Missouri state representative Ben Baker introducing a controversial oversight bill for public libraries meant to shield children.

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