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Welcome back to the Blackhawks postgame show. Chris Boden with you up until eleven o'clock tonight following a two one Blackhawks victory in Dallas against the stars. Of course, they'll be playing host to the Zona coyotes on Monday night, the last time the Blackhawks played the coyotes Nick schmaltz was still a member of the Blackhawks way back in late October and Dylan Strom Brennan, Berlin, e were still members of the Zona account that until that trade was made late Sunday night of thanksgiving weekend in which those players switch places and Dylan Strom up until these last two games when he has been held off the scoresheet prior to that he was nearly a point per game score really slotted comfortably back into the number back into a back to into a to a number two Senator role for the Blackhawks behind Jonathan tapes when Dylan Strom left Aaron Jona. It was kind of a continuation of what had been his career down there since being the twenty fifteen number three overall pick. Of the draft by the cody's behind Connor mcdavid behind Jack Eichel and ahead of Mitch monitor. All of those players have had a wonderfully successful starts to their NHL career. If you will a step ahead of Strom during his time with the counties, but it seems like a new lease on life for Dylan since coming over to the Blackhawks prior to Thursday's game against buffalo and tonight against the stars. When he was held off the scoresheet, he put forty two games for the Blackhawks and had fourteen goals in twenty six points. Twenty six assists for forty points. Almost a point per game player prior to that just three goals and three assists for six points with Arizona before that trade in late November. And we began our conversation after practice yesterday and you'll hear him reference Thursday night's game as last night during the course of this conversation. But I asked him if he could have imagined the huge strides. His game has taken since coming to the Blackhawks in that trade back in November. No, I don't think. So I mean. Want.

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