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And now an investigative report published in politico in these last hours by josh meyer i have an picked up in london and than london telegraph pointing to this so everybody hasn't done their independent reporting right now so i read the opening two paragraphs of the investigation and politico urge you to read it yourself and remind you that during the iran deal controversy of 2014 2015 malcolm it was very helpful to identify to me and my audience that the iran deal was wrong patten from the first and that the obama administration was making major concessions we couldn't see them all in the documents the many other more nontransparent well listen to this in its determination to secure a nuclear deal with iran the obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the iranianbacked terrorist group hezbollah even as it was funnelling cocaine into the united states according to a politico investigation the campaign dubbed project cassandra was launched in two thousand and aid after the drug enforcement administration amassed evidence that hezbollah had transformed itself from a middle east focus military and political organization into a new national crime segment syndicate that some investigators believe was collecting one billion a year from drug and weapons trafficking money lawn during an other criminal activities malcolm this is astonishing only if you were not there in 2015 when you and your colleagues resisted the iran deal here is the fruit malcolm this investigation and the actions against hezbollah druglords was blocked by president obama according to this report because he believed that it would derail the iran deal were you have a former treasury official character in power who told the house committee on foreign relation about at the beginning of this year that uh did that under the obama administration the hezbollah related investigations were tamp down for fear of rocking the boat with iran and jeopardising the deal and to understand that this is something that went over an eightyear period when uh drug enforcement agents were used use wiretaps and their means to map his belongs illicit network and they used thirty us and foreign and security agencies according to the report in the agents traced the conspiracy to cause below us top circle and it's state sponsors ron and.

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