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Based on all the stuff he gets into, he's probably going to be the one to do it. Now it's been a couple years since Dave and I dropped in so it was fun to catch up on the latest and greatest in the world of biohacking. But since we've already done two episodes on that topic and God knows I've done many more, I wanted to stray a bit here and get into some spicier stuff this time. And as you might know, Dave does a ton of podcast appearances, but I assure you, this is not your run of the mill, Dave asprey interview. Here's a little taste of some of the mischief we get into on this episode. Dave's moved to Austin on the heels of his recent divorce. The perils of living on an island in Canada during a three year period of tyranny. His unique perspective on experimental vaccines, how he managed to get his contrarian info out despite censorship and warnings from the government, the rarely discussed and unglamorous challenges of having your own farm. How a vegan diet wrecked his health and his teeth and why he doesn't recommend it. We also discussed the ethics of eating meat and the horrors of factory farming, both of animals and plants. And the ancient sole contracts between humans and the animals we eat. The backlash he gets from Internet trolls when he debunks the calories in, calories out theory, and why that won't help you lose weight. And his thoughts on why so many fitness crazes like cardio are a waste of time. And we of course spend some time exploring his new book, smarter not harder, which is essentially about embracing laziness as a way to cultivate more energy. So I was definitely on board with that. And we get into some really cool stuff like electrical stimulation and neurofeedback for enhanced brain function. And why spirituality and emotional healing is critical to overall wellness. And dealing with self obsession and escapism by biohacking. We also got his current thoughts on EMF and what to do about it. And then we get into some of the deep cuts in the smart drug realm, discussing things like phenibut, modafinil, Debra nail, and even microdosing psychedelics. And Dave shares why he's no longer repping bulletproof the company he founded. And finally, the nitty Gritty on moldy coffee and why he infused trace minerals into his new danger coffee to make it even more potent. And by the way, he brought me a couple bags of this stuff and no joke. It's pretty incredible. And if you want to check out the danger coffee for yourself with a 10% discount,

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