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In our our our tested the house was set up like a makeshift duplex those who lived in the back part were able to escape and their unit was unharmed cops in orange county are looking into a series of gas station apps armed robbers have hit gas stations and westminster cypress and garden grove garden grove police lieutenant carl whitney says the robbery's are likely related suspects come in one or two guys at a time and there dressed similar with their faces covered dirt hoods covered uh and they're also wearing gloves he says investigators have good surveillance video of the robbery's but the mass make it tough to get an idea that the have taken cash and cigarettes anthropology back kfi news a dead whale has been found in a shipping channel at the port of long beach noah's bernardo out says it appears the whales got into the port on the bowl of a large ship which could either mean that it was struck alive and killed by the ship or but it was already dead floating in the water and uh picked up by the ship and been brought in the us coast guard got word last night about the dead we out the dead whale that is cruise tied the wheel to appear so wouldn't blocked the shipping lanes the chp is warn people about driving after a dubie new messages on freeway signed say drive high get a dui officer juan galvante says hi drivers show the same symptoms as drunk drivers it could do dry by or under the approach with marijuana you can possibly be under the influence and get a dui get arrested he says driver suspected of being high will go through field sobriety test recreational pot becomes legal in the state on monday on duty law enforcement deaths have reached nearly sixty year low the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says one hundred twenty eight officers have been killed so far this year the memorial fund ceo craig floyd says the number may be historically low but it's still tragic gordon four officers guard or are hereby gunfire 47 of them died in traffic related incident and thirty seven officers died from other causes 2017 has been the.

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