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Morning before the parents of a woman Kelly allegedly abused storm to the scene we don't want to come in Kelly's representative Darrell Johnson told the parents he has no reason to believe their daughter is in danger the parents say Kelly is holding her against her will in Chicago's trump tower the new federal charges against Kelly are related to allegations that he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to recover child sex tapes and that he pressured witnesses to change their stories and his trial more than a decade ago Kelly's lawyer says a bail hearing for the new charges will be held early next week for NPR news I'm Melissa eads in Chicago a strong into the week on Wall Street but stocks extending their recent record run ups the Dow gained two hundred and forty three points to close at twenty seven thousand three thirty two the nasdaq was up forty eight points today this is NPR and you're listening to W. N. Y. C. I'm Jamie Floyd at least three state parks in New Jersey are revamping policies and procedures after a state audit found park staff mismanaged leases and concessions W. N. Y. C.'s at New Jersey reporter Karen rouse reports the New Jersey state comptroller's office looked at cheese quake island beach and liberty state parks they found that staff fails to follow procedures for handling cash and improperly managed concession and lease agreements one she's quick tenant got away with not paying rent for two years costing the state more than twenty nine thousand dollars in all the lapses cost the department of environmental protection three hundred and forty three thousand dollars in lost revenue the D. E. P. says the agency will develop new policies that will establish management oversight the agency also noted that a new data base designed to track payments went live earlier this year and a new report says NJ transit passengers.

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