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Show with Joe Schlesinger your back it's Jill on money if you've got a question about your financial life we'd love to hear from you it's ask Jill and Jill on money dot com you know in this past week we had the International Monetary Fund predicting that there would be a global recession which would be the worst since the Great Depression big downturn so what are you gonna do to prepare for this next period of time maybe you should be developing your side hustle that's why we are re broadcasting an interview that we did a few years back with Chris gill about he is the father of the side hustle movement and his advice is so valuable so here's more of our interview with Chris Gayle about so what if someone's listening in the like I want a side hustle I love this gun Chris is the man great I have no ideas do you have a smattering of ideas which I love because it sort of gives it takes people off the hook like they're not creative help me yep give me some of those ideas well people have one of two problems the first problem is what you just identified I don't have an idea second problem is I've got an idea but I don't know what to do next right so what I'm trying to do with with the booking the whole plan is show people the answers about those problems so I can give people ideas and if in fact I do like is you know forty eight ideas you can steal beg borrow or steal you know from from the back but what I think is more valuable is to actually show people where ideas come from like where where do you side hustle ideas come from that are good ideas that are viable or valuable if you can acquire the skill which you probably don't learn in school but it is not that difficult to learn it can serve you for the rest of your life so I think that's the most valuable thing can I give some of these side hustles that are fun which I love sell your art crafts or any handcrafted item on Etsy is it easy right I mean doesn't require much expertise to list if I never use that website you can register today because something up I like offer online tutoring services in your field of expertise everybody does have a field of expertise I think that a lot of people discount the the expertise they have yeah I say everyone's an expert at something yeah it may not be interesting to anyone else but you know reading and so on that point like people think tutoring okay that sounds great whether I do it well there are platforms there are sites their networks you can do all these things there's a whole list of them going I like buy and sell used textbooks to college students and those as expensive as early they do apparently they used to reading college I like this one create and sell a visitors guide to your town or city or build a web resource for tourists supported by advertising yep no I love that on that yeah I love that one all right here's one start a podcast and sell sponsorship hi that's harder I mean if I don't know no I think that I think starting any you know I don't know go head look at us we have a we bypass right yeah your sponsors I do yeah me too I don't know what happened but I have but you know the funny thing is I feel like that one part of the side hustle that you don't necessarily really talk about in like an explicit way but is really important no matter what is that you have to sell your idea that can mean you have to sell it to people who want it so I. D. cover that but to monetize it you may have to actually sell and I think so many people aren't really uncomfortable right back right so how do we get them over that well I have a small called silica girl scout okay what I mean by this is I live in Portland Oregon even before he said I love that yeah like this in in New York because I for some reason I see it more there thank you walk down the street and pretty much everywhere you go you're kind of accosted by TheStreet canvassers and trying to raise money for their cause and often they're representing very good causes yeah but I hate this process it's I feel like it's manipulative I feel like it's it's marketing by guilt and they know it too I like that's what they have to like call you know if I give you a big smile and like you're looking great today I'm like yeah I know you just want my money basically so I hate that process either way you look great today thank you I learned to never ask questions when someone compliments you can destroy the whole story about that we can get to later sure anyway St canvassers meanwhile you know every girl scout cookie season girl scouts are setting up shop will take one from the drug store people walking by their whole pitches would you like to buy some girl scout cookies right that's it I mean like so much to it right and what happens if I am everybody is so cute though those girls yeah we think it's a prop I think the cookies to be honest I mean it was a good idea the whole goal is like how can you put yourself in a position of marketing like a girl scout instead of a street campus or yeah selling but right it's kinda icky yeah one of the most awesome so how do you do it so you make something that you make something that people want and you find those those people and where they are yeah exactly right in so you you know I have this this lesson about take your take your customer your imaginary customer to imaginary coffee and you really figure out who these people are and it's not so much about a target market I don't like that I think that's a very start up be kind of thing and you know like when I started my blog like I'm over this like eight years ago I would talk to publishers like who is your target market they want me to say like women aged thirty five to thirty nine you know with a college degree or whatever and I would say my target market is people who want to change the world now like that's not target market you know real psychographic you know anyway so focusing on finding those people who can really really benefit from what you have to offer and then it's like your girl scout right you're like I've got this thing you know it's funny mark and I were at a meeting recently and we are talking with a big company like a potential sponsor and they were saying what's the secret sauce successful podcast which is also Mike I mean everybody wants to know that and mark sort of like well yeah good content you know because we're old time radio P. right sorry like spoken word quality writing thing hands hands were in like a big studio to be broadcast center right we're not in some teeny computerized this thing called editing right like you do preparation yes sign your concepts so we talked about that and then I said you know you have to the compelling guest sometimes your audience doesn't know that they're interested in crescent home what's fascinating is that that seem like they were like mmhm yes and so interesting right but that's really sometimes the simplest answer is mystifying right right it's like asking what's the secret sauce to anything pretty much it's like well you you work hard you do a good job you improve along the way you figure out what people want and you give it to them right and I think also that you listen to them because it sounds to me like because you have such a great interaction with your audience and with the people you've talked to about side hustles you have a lot of feedback yep so it's like you're developing your own algorithm I now know my work has been informed by my community like one way or another we'll get back to our interview with Chris Guilbeau father of side hustle in just a minute if you've got a financial question you can always send us an email ask Jill Jill on money dot com and you can also follow us on social media Twitter Instagram Facebook we've got a you tube channel as Jill on money check it out we'll be right back the balance of nature changing the world one life at a time I have a compromised immune system so I've been taking the three veggie and three fruit for two years and I have not gotten sick it's unbelievable I feel like a normal person I'm not tired I don't wake up tired and it's just amazing to me that there's such a difference I don't think everybody around this year my wife and my grandkids got sick at all and a global battle body aches and pains I just only have maybe more the cold on credible and then blow me a world of good thank you.

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