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And they found a match up that worked and they kept going after it and it kept working. And I think he deserves a lot of credit for making the plays that he made. So. That was in my opinion. That was the first game where I saw him. Find a match up that he could be consistently take advantage of it time and time again and make big play after big play and really put this team on his back and carry this team. So he deserves a lot of credit for what he did. And like I said, I'm sure we'll be getting that here. I know we'll be getting into that here shortly. Once we get into storylines. We might as well just get into it right now. We're both gonna talk about Mike William. So I'll go ahead and let you start with it. All right. Well, my it was going to be my second point. But my first my first storyline here is Mike Williams big night and just to get into the stats real quick. To summarize what he did Mike had seven receptions on nine targets for seventy six yards. Two touchdowns. The two point conversion that won the game. Also had one rushed for nineteen yards and a touchdown. You look at what he did in the context of that game with Keenan going down on the first quarter and the team being down to scores. He found a match up that he could exploited against Steven Nelson who had zero chance to. Mike, by the way at any point during that game. And he basically made Stephen his son for lack of a better term for an in the interest of avoiding swearing with. Liam listening made of his son there on national television. He consistently beat man coverage. He was open all night long. Even when they didn't throw him the ball. He was open and it was the first game where he consistently exploited that that favorable match up. I think the most impressive thing about his his night. Was he at eight touches one of them went further a first down a touchdown or two point conversion so all of his plays were impact plays. They either extended drives or finished drives or finish the game. And that's a huge night by any measure, whether you're second year player fifth year player rookie or whatever to have a night like that under those circumstances under the weight of a nine game losing streak. We have chance to potentially tie for the division lead. That is a big time moment. He made one big time play after another and Mike deserves all the credit in the world. Yeah. No, absolutely. He played like a man possessed. Keen Allen goes down the second quarter. And then the question becomes who's going to pick up the slack? And the answer is all of them. But Mike Williams was something else. He scored two touchdowns. Like, you mentioned, obviously two point converted for the win. He had a career night also display. The exact reason why the charges drafted him. He was the best version of the Clemson Mike Williams that we've ever seen and we did not see it at all in his rookie year..

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