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Here's what's trending this hour. Indiana may install cameras in work zones, Eric Berman, with more on the bill headed to the House floor. Legislators have resisted cameras for traffic enforcement on privacy grounds, but they did approve cameras on school bus stop arms two years ago. The work zone proposal has been around even longer without getting a vote. But the House committee has unanimously endorsed a two year test run them up before cameras around the state. Eric Berman, 93 They'll ui VC Mobile NEWS Salvatore Nello gets probation for three years in the death of his 18 month old granddaughter, a Nello from Val. Raisel still says he didn't realize he was holding little ploy. Why again up to an open cruise ship window? If you're a parent, you know the chaos of having a baby and Indiana's former first lady Susan by had just given birth to twins. Chris Davis reports. He's got a gentle disposition of his mother. He's my nose. You're hearing sound right from the hospital room One day after the C section twins Nick and Bo by were born November 8th 1995. Well, since we decided that I'm gonna try to nurse them, it's going Be my print. Think pretty much a full time job for quite a while. Being that there are two of them, Mrs. By took some time off. But not a lot. She had a lot of work to do for the people of Indiana for several college in corporate boards and for the country. Chris Davis 93 wi be seen. Mobile news is by died Friday from brain cancer at age 61 on the level on the go and on Wi be si dot com. Now here's the forecast from the American Standard Heating Weather Center. Winter Weather Advisory south of India overnight was No showers up to an inch around the city, 1 to 2 inches south of India. Low down to 19 Cloudy with scattered snow showers Tuesday on high of 27 Come Wish TV Storm track A media roll book is that Coca Cola McDonald's happy Damn Bean. I don't see how that Makina.

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