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That it was outside of actually, outside of a walmart where people were just available to stay here. We can talk to you about it. It was called love your Children like your guns and when they just talked with people who came in to buy a firearm. Then they just talk to them about the gave me a free Dunlop. And then they talking about harm reduction, meaning about storing your firearm unlocked. Excuse me, I locked unloaded and and away from youth and those three step alone. I mean, nearly 80% of people. We're still doing that six months later went on the way and nearly nobody was doing it because that is one way that we can help prevent on intentional harm. I don't think it's extreme at all. I think it's a gesture of love. It's a gesture of science. It is also one of the reasons why they are there by the state Legislature and the governor signed into law the quote red flag, but it's really extreme protector. Yeah, I don't like the term red slices can signifies that The person is the best flag when it's not. We don't want someone to feel about that Dave mental health diagnosis. Really. She was a tourist protection just like he said, and the idea that It's consistent with with the Second Amendment, and it's consistent with science that it could be created Destiny Firing. Our guest is Dr Island Barrett University of Dimension Go Hospital talking about mental health in the time of Covad. And really appreciate your time today, you know, Dr Bear. We talked last time because he worked quite a quite a bit in the Navajo nation out and gallop and and saw the impacts of covert 19 and and over a long period of time, the outcomes were worse because the history of health care in some areas a history of off access the difficulty of getting to a doctor because the bad roads You know all the other things that contribute to this are there are there communities are their communities that who are also more susceptible to these outcomes. These mental problems. Is it the same because they're isolated and and, you know, not getting good care. A little. Yeah, so isolation is absolutely issued loneliness. We do know, so there's a wide range of mental health pregnancies that that do not better different from certified, but we do have a lot of out of suicide and we do know that rural area Particularly rural New Mexico is experiencing an epidemic and it's more likely in men and it's more likely in men who are older. And that is about firearm. Accessibility is about Alina. On DH also access to care in. But we also seeing that anybody who has a disorder is going to be at increased risk, and also I would say that people who are affected by the things we talked about before, including on like structural racism on DH, I'm not having access Teo, the opportunities to the things that set people up for a healthy life, um, are gonna be issues. I know when I lived in a very northwest corner of the state and the On the Navajo nation. And this is no fault of the Navajo Nation leaders but that there was I think four psychiatrists for an area that was I mean, it was an area like 52,000 people, and that was That amount of people was over quite quick, 20,000 Square miles that Yes, it's a real It's a real issue, having active, absolutely not having acceptance. Really. It's a challenge, and they think that that's one of the opportunities that having things like the text line, and the one line of the crisis point is because That is available to anybody and they work. Well, Now you mention him once you give in again. You're so on the one line, which is for when someone aegypti the park is going to be on 855466. 7100 The crisis line, which is the best in the actual 24 hours a day is because the others is not 24 hours a day, but the crisis line is 1855. 6 to 7474. Hand. That text line is 711. Another resources just mentioned in the paper was also that is the 50th anniversary of Agora crisis. Which volunteers? Yeah. I don't think you know a lot about you talked about it. He probably helped support them and directed people and that they have a free line off the truth that Eight by five by 4505 something I heard from a psychiatrist that people don't want to have this information, their phone. They don't want someone else to see it. What we could do if they could put in instead label it in some way that no one else will know what it is so actually with young people. The example was Who's your favorite movie star? And the young woman said that pit so actually in her phone, the contact line was actually brevity. Well as it could be Beyonce. You know it could be and said that any one doesn't feel like embarrassed. All right. This is a time of AA lot of political concern, Onda lot of stress over many, many, many different things. During during the Democratic convention next week's Republican convention. Is it wise and for people who are feeling blue feeling a little bit depressed, Tio To kind of removed themselves from the politics for a while, or or is that a better idea to get more involved? So you have a sense of taking back some control? I can't say that. That's a great question, and it could be a little bit personal. I think that if one can control have been receiving information, I even meet your doom scrolling, then I think it could be really it can help one recover their sense of agency their sense of control in a world that's spiraling out of control if we can engage with a change process going in registering to vote. Talk to the people who you'd love to see what you know, helping encouraged them to registered about talking about what your plan is making a plan. Maybe if you're if you have the abilities, so a little bit of activism I love reading the local newspapers and what people are writing into the letter to the editor. I would say, you know, be careful with social media. It could be really inflammatory. But if one is going to do so. Endo, you know, instead of providing back to the City Council and the county, right and to the governor's office about what you're worried about, and also to your senators and representatives. Down engaging with our senators, representatives have been startlingly rewarding and helping affect positive change in Mexico. Dr Barrett. Thank you very much. You're welcome back to come back any time, great information, And it's obvious You really, really care about people. So thank you Appreciate it. Thank you. And thank you for thank you for caring about this content and for sharing such good information and helping us be connected to each other. I really, really do it again, right? Okay?.

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