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Crash in shawnee. Here's the Owens. Beth myers. Charges were filed Tuesday against a shawnee man who witnesses say rear ended another vehicle at high speed killing to to come to the teenagers. The crash happened back in January in shawny. Sixty two year old Roger Flint has been charged with two counts of first degree manslaughter. The accident killed eighteen year old Logan dear door and his passenger seventeen year old Shelby Johnson. Witnesses say Flint ran off the road multiple times before the crash, and that is behavioral was traveling at a high rate of speed Oklahoma's prison incarceration rate is the highest in the nation. But state lawmakers are considering a package of bills aimed at stopping the skyrocketing prison population. The bills would reduce criminal penalties for several nonviolent crimes among other things. Prosecutors have resisted some of those proposals. You're listening to the N. Some emotional debate yesterday in the state house over a Bill that would make it a felony for doctors who perform medication abortions to not inform women that the process can be reversed after they take the first two pills. Democratic state Representative forest Bennett of Oklahoma City says the Bill does nothing that can't already happen. So when we say, we're pro-life, what do we mean? What do we mean? Do we want to pass legislation like this? So we can check that off and get accolades from pull organizations do we want to actually help the people of Oklahoma. What do we want to do? Ask yourself. Bill now goes to the governor for his consideration. Or a second time state attorney general Mike hunters asking President Trump for a presidential pardon for former US army first Lieutenant Michael of Edmund last year. The Justice department rule that he was ineligible for a pardon behavior was convicted in two thousand nine of killing suspected terrorists in Iraq. He served five years of a fifteen year sentence and was paroled hunters says beheaded courageously served his country in. Combat in Iraq and says he more than paid for his mistakes and misjudgments and attempting to root out terrorism last sewing and icon ick musical for the small screen. Owens Jacqueline Scott reports..

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