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One is kind of a victory flowing smoothly. No we had a would we have. We have a leaky pipe or a pipe. Yeah they fixed a pipe that was it. but normally they're pretty regularly brennan craig tweets. I was there till the last. I didn't see mason. Actually never saw them all night on the luge. Also the booing just wasn't it. I was frustrated but man that had to have torn up janssen. Yeah it had to tear mean. Imagine getting booed at anything. You do madge on your play by play announcer. Yeah somebody doesn't like your call. When i when i worked for k. Cal and i would go to football games. Because you and i had the show everybody knew i went to ucla. So i would get booed a lot at and i kind of liked it. I thought it was fun. But i don't think kenley jansen did did did. Do we have what dave roberts said after the guy. I think we do jesse hor. We've a houseful their whore. Hey do we have that. What dave roberts okay. Well they're looking for now. I don't know i again. I know fans this is the way fans. Show the take care. But i don't know in the case of kenley jansen if it does any good like i don't necessarily think he's gonna wake up and say okay. I'm going to pitch better. He knows he's got a troubled history and this year he's actually been pretty good. He's pretty good. He's been fantastic. Yeah spent he saved twenty one of twenty five games but he's been on a roll if you were going to pin it on like if you're going to list of people as to why the dodgers made it to three world series but only one one jansen would be near the top you could also say yeah. Janssen obviously was not a factor last year during the postseason but they won last year. Yeah they won last year but he still was not not about when they lost to the astros lost in the astros went to now all tainted but when the the astros and lost to the red sox i think dodger fans just. They've seen that movie they know it's going to be a white knuckle. Every time he comes in and so when he comes in and does that. I think that's dodger. Fan saying come on man cages. Get a one two three inning. Every once in a while to see close phil bickford. I mean honestly this you. That guy by the way does not fill bickford. Sounds like my neighbor. When i was an accountant does ain't phil pickford here. But i mean you know the weird thing about. The dodgers is aside from training and victor gonzalez. Although he's had problems lately they really haven't had david price has been good. at times. Jimmy nelson has been good at times but they really don't have a stacked bullpen. Like phil bickford is a guy that you do see trying to spend good. Kelly's been good david price. We've been talking about the fact that their starting pitching has really been devastated by injury. Yes decimates off the year clayton. Kershaw is out for the foreseeable future. We don't think. Trevor bowers coming back at all. So let's say you have a trade package that you know is going to bring you a pitcher. Okay you're going to go out like they got yu darvish a few years ago right so gibbs right texas would you pivot off of the starter and move to maybe craig kimbrel or reliever like that. Well as far as i'm concerned kenley. Jansen is the closer and kenley. Jansen i think went prior to the colorado game. This is sort of magnified because he blew back toback saves but he had gone nine consecutive appearances without allowing a run. So he's been throwing clean innings. He scuffled in two straight appearances including last night where he blew the game against a team that they're chasing for first place in the national league west so everything gets magnified. But no i think kenley jansen is the closer and what would you do if you added craig. Kimbrel would kimbrel be the setup guy. No janssen doesn't pitch well as a setup guy then she just doesn't then then i think you you pick kenley on some nights and you pitch kimberlin some nights that matters. Is you close games. It does care about anybody's feelings you're not going to push the eject button on kenley after last night. Not completely completely a little. Oh yeah a little will be because before this year. I remember at the start of the season. I thought he'd be cut by now. We are where we are because he is who he is. Yeah but i don't trust him. I think he's good. Twenty one of twenty five. I think he's had a good season. But you know what. Have you done lately business. I mean we call night so you can hear the after a bad night after two bad nights and row he's blown two saves and row. I mean i do trust. We take calls on this. You're the only one waving the kenley. Jansen fan club flag twenty-five you kidding me. i'd your fans want results arguably best closer in the game at this moment place. Are we in in the national league. We've got fifty nine wins. What place are we in. Were in second place beyond the giants who just happened to beat us last night. Because kenley blew the save. I can leave. Won me over. When he came on the show at the start of the year. I already lost you no no. He hasn't lost me. But what i'm seeing is. I don't trust that he's going. I'm not this i writer. Die with kenley like you are. that's idiotic he. He has a history of this inconsistency. You don't know if you can trust him. I very well might pivoted kimbrel if it came down to you know picking up a starter that could use third in the league in saves. Who's going to who's a started. It's gonna get traded at the trade deadline for sure know starter know sure's cobb gibson for sure gonna get solid guy. He's an innings eater. He's he's not only as an innings eater he's got the best earned run average in the american league. And he's under contract for next year to re really risking. So if you could have him or kimbrel who do you want kyle gets. Yeah gimme kimberly gives you more options to close games right now. I'm watching twenty and go out and through ford names watching them. You're not going to be a great to be a legitimate rotation starter. And he's not ready for. Here's here's the question. Eight seven seven seven ten. Espn and take. And as i'm gonna make this fair. Take the entirety of the season as you evaluate this not. Just what happened last night. All right the entirety of the season of what. You've seen at kenley jansen. Are you with mason. That you rider die with kenley or you with me that you should explore getting a reliever the trade deadline. Eight seven seven seven ten. Espn i bet. You're more people will be with me than you. Oh i mean judging from the booze last night at dodger stadium people do re buddy wurley. You were there more. People didn't do. It's shame here the booze shanley's got a very bad rap. He's third in the league in saves he saved twenty one games. he's got a buck seventeen whip. He's got a fifteen era seriously. He's got forty two strikeouts in thirty seven innings..

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