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And foremost, the blame has to go on the guys that wear the uniform and play every gay offense. You were not good enough Rizzo had a very good year. Havi bias had an MVP caliber years not going to win the award. But he had a great year. But beyond that, Ben zobrist. I'll give him that one beyond that could not good enough. Russell when he was here. Not good enough. Kris Bryant injured or not not good enough. Schwarzer? Not good enough. L Morahan got off to a great start to thirty two in the second half. Not good enough. Jason Heyward while improved. Not good enough. There are a lot of things that can be fixed with this team by upgrading them offensively. But the front office has to have a better off season. And I think they would admit that to you. And I think they will admit that that they cannot go into an off season and spend a hundred twenty six on one guy that gets you one win. Whether he got injured or not the bottom line is they paid twenty six million for a guy who gave you one win. Maybe he'll be better next year. Healthy. I don't know. We'll find out you spend thirty nine million on a guy that can't find the strike zone. So all of a sudden that's one hundred sixty five million then you gave twenty two million to a closer who had been written hard put away wet by the dodgers and pitched in every game in the World Series. He went to camp with LA for a reason as a non roster minor league invitee because he couldn't stay healthy. Now, he's gonna get overworked and we're going to give him twenty two million. It's no surprise that. He got hurt. So all of a sudden, you're one hundred eighty seven million dollars in expenditures. And you don't have a whole hell of a lot to show for it. So they have to be better this off season. They did some wonderful things in season. Getting Cole hamels getting Jesse Chavez who told Marley Rivera ESPN. See this uniform, I'm wearing this was an hour after the game still in uniform see this uniform, I'm either wearing this or I'm done next year. I'm not playing this is where I wanna be and they want him back. So they'll get that done. He will be a cop. He was great. But you can't just band-aid. The moves that cost you so much money in the off season with in-season pickups and think it's going to be good enough. Daniel Murphy was okay. He was a great. He's not going to be back here. They need to go out and address second base. Whether that's going to be in half position. Whether that's going to be a combination of David Bodey, and Ben zobrist they have to fix this team while fence now, it's chili Davis going to be back. I don't know is Joe going to be back the factory even having that discussion is insane. But there is some industry speculation that he won't be back. So we'll find out but just understand something for all you man, haters out there. This guy in the postseason has gone to two World Series with the cubs in the race. He's won a World Series. He's gone to three out of four years the league championship series in the NFL. I think twice with the race to the league championship series. He went to the playoffs. Again this year. They've won ninety games every year. He's been here ninety plus three hundred eighty seven in four years. If you think it's better on the other side, it might not be maybe it will. But it might not be. Let's go to the phones James is an Elgin. He's next. Hey, Jimmy, what's up kid? How are you kid?.

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