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Wages and a three year. Contract interim Michigan State University, president John Engler testify before congress today on the policy changes at MSU following the Larry Nassar. Scandal although he was not running Michigan State University when the Nassar scandal broke angler will answer the questions on Capitol. Hill some of Nassar's victims believe he hasn't helped the university move forward since stepping into the. Role those victims will be holding a press conference today before the hearing a twenty two year old Detroit Woman is scheduled. To be arraigned today in connection. With the crash on I, seventy five killed a construction worker police say Samir speed was driving drunk just before two o'clock in the morning of June fourteenth. On I seventy five near Warren Fifty-seven-year-old David Snell of bay city was hidden killed prosecutors say speed, was not only drunk she'd been driving on a suspended, license the charge against her is a fifteen year felony President Trump is threatening to. Strip the security clearances of, a half dozen top former intelligence officials who have raised alarms about Russian interference in the two. Thousand sixteen election correspondent Kaitlan Collins report James Clapper the former intelligence chief who is being targeted said he doesn't see. How this isn't political pretty obvious what the reason why we were singled out or the on. The plate of action is because of criticism we've expressed about the motivations plus about about the buzzer For now When from one applied for, security clearance probably gonna add to the. Standard form, eighty six a pledge of allegiance to President Trump Canadian vested Gators are digging into the background of the suspected gunman in a deadly mass shooting that. Rocked a Toronto neighbourhoods Sunday night neighbors of Faisal Hussein and his family said the twenty nine. Year old was mild mannered shy they, said there were no outward signs that. He was, about to go on a shooting spree Vide- videos And really vide- Person his friend, Amir souk-ahras said Hussein's struggled, with mental illness but he seemed to be, managing it well. Kept to himself, he was quiet. Never heard anyone I've never seen him Dan to fight with anyone in. A written statement the gunman Stanley's said he suffered with psychosis and depression. His entire life they said they're devastated by this and their hearts are in pieces. For the victims I'm Steve Kastenbaum, WJR, news. Time seven three let's get the. Update on sports. Here's Nick riding. The Tigers scored three runs in the ninth inning to come back into. The Kansas, City Royals five. Four on Monday the second game of the series will feature Jordan Zimmermann. Against Burch Smith Saint. Louis cardinal starter Daniel steel Yonne through seven innings of no hit baseball in his major league. Debut last night fourteen months after he. Underwent brain surgery after he took a line drive off his right temple after leaving the Red Wings organization be closer to his, family in Chicago Chris Chelios was named ambassador for the Blackhawks Celli us was the Blackhawks captain from nineteen ninety-five through ninety nine Big ten football media days continuing Chicago Mark dantonio will take the podium. Later this, morning he will. Also join Steve Courtney right here on Spartans radio eight sixteen and Detroit Lions veterans report to. Allen park on Thursday before the first training camp practice on Friday I'm Nick Roddy.

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