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Radio five sixty San Francisco. A Cumulus station now on Amazon just tell Alexa, play five sixty TSF O actor on defense. Full disclosure. I'm Barbara Kusak. An aggressive defense is planned by Jesse smallest attorneys as the empire actor was charged with making a false report that he was attacked in Chicago last month. More from correspondent, Randi Kaye. This story has taken so many twists and turns. But now, it's official small indicted for basically lying to investigators police now say the work with his lawyers to arrange some sort of surrender. So he can then be officially arrested these charges follow a grand jury, but small et wasn't there. And now he really has some explaining to do attorney general William bar is expected to announce his early as next week completion of special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia probe congressman Ted lieu says the full report needs to be released to have just a mere summary is completely not acceptable. Especially if the department of Justice takes a possession. That we can indict a sitting president therefore, congress is the only arm that can hold them accountable. What we know all the facts and information, so they can't just not give us information coast guard. Lieutenant Christopher Paul hasn't is due in court tomorrow on gun and drug charges. Corespondent, Jessica Schneider. Says prosecutors in their court filing say has an intended to commit mass murder. They put it very starkly very stunningly. They put this at the top of their memo saying the defendant intends to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country. And that's why they're asking for the judge at a detention hearing to hold this suspect Samsung Electronics and veiled its folding smartphone in a bid to top the technology of apple and Chinese rivals..

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