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And we started to see something. Very disturbing. But very recognizable. people were looking at themselves in the mayor and they were refusing to. To See, what was there They were like This is me right now there's a better me around the corner I'm going to be. Different I've I've started a diet. They they were almost like judging, there is not to actually see themselves in the mirror and hoping for a better self. So they were buying clothes that were either too small because they would fit into them in the future or they would delaying that satisfaction of buying something beautiful. That fits because the day they were in the mirror did not deserve it. The day that they were gonNA. Be You know that's the day that they were going to buy for? So we thought how can we? How can we disrupt this vicious cycle that we all I mean it doesn't matter if you're a size six and you suddenly have to wear a size eight dress. Women go into a panic. You know it's there such a a calcified hatred of bigger bodies and gaining weight. That it you know we are anxieties built into us from a very early age and It's you know it only gets worse when you're in a larger body and you can't find anything at all and then you really feel judged and it's a mess. So we thought look. Why don't you buy? Exactly. For yourself as you are now, exactly as you are now so that you feel great in it. Fine, you're going to be you know you're going to be a totally different person in two months. I understand that's past you've chosen. That's fine. But take what fits you now and when you get there if you get there. Just send us back the stuff that you bought, and we will send you a brand new size. Of the same thing for free. And it just you know this the the idea that you didn't have to worry about re spending the money. Or judge yourself constantly in the mirror, the idea that you could allow yourself that one year to for your body to change in whatever way of May, whether it's up or.

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