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AP at Checkout. very excited to bring our guest in today to talk about everything that's going on on the island of the idols of course you know him from Survivor fans know him from survivor the edge of extinction but teachers around the world know him from the essential v. eighty five rules please welcome the world famous Ron Clark Ron how're you doing awesome I'm so excited to be here to talk with you today appreciate it Rob Ron I really I just want to let you know I am so appreciative of you making some time to talk about survivor because I know in the scheme of things that you have so many things going on it really means a lot that you spend some time talking about does this little part of the world not survivors a big huge part life like Digested I love it I analyze it and so yet teaches important in this primarily who I am but survivors officer too big part of the Ron yeah so I'm happy to be part of this happy to get to talk with you today Ron what's going on over at the Ron Clark Academy these things are awesome talking fifth grade there's this morning they're really Confused about radicals just trying to help them understand that teaching eighth grade history or also we've got a big construction project going on schools doubling in size and so there's dust everywhere bulldozers wall's going up all around us and so it's exciting we're building a state of the art silt that's going to be unlike no other just lots of great things in great energy happening so when you're fifth graders are confused about radicals radical up like the particles or like radicals like troublemakers talking about the square root of thirty six or the Arruda forty-nine by this forty nine is seven yes what we're doing right now we're having to estimate if I said what would the square root of eighty to be there say okay would probably be something like nine point zero seven Yep Yep the new talk about radicals in history also teach a political science class for the all school where we talk about loss of radicals and politicians and all the things going on in the world a lot of fun too so we do have radicals on survivor also those people that are the ones who don't really fit into any of the main alliances that are going on is that fair to say yeah in this season unlike what is going on when did casting it's like they've got so many different types of people and personalities that they put together and even as I read in the BIOS in learning about them before the show I said how are these people going meshed together and then to see that their personalities really don't Mesh which is kind of a beautiful thing to see and so to look at layer road they've they've resulted due to the old standard of Olis' mackinaw female trump we don't really see a lot of commonalities between us let's go out gender-based and so because they really are just a lot of different people it's great to see why I love to get your take on the decision that they made last night to ultimately send Vince home from the tribe did you think that was the right decision for the women to make yeah I think so because in the back of their mind I'm sure they're thinking okay we're GonNa do a trip so I pretty soon I may end up getting stuck on tribe if you're one of the females with Tom in Aaron and and Dean I don't want them to be upset with me because of backstabbed them so I think is probably the best to make Vince the a bit also I think the person who was really calling the shots I think ended up being Elizabeth Elizabeth also been to Robin Sandra on the island of idols and so she kind of knows that bins may have an idol and so I think she probably thought that it was Serb benefit have him gone because he's the only other one there with her knows exactly what happens there in so she made the ultimate call yeah that's interesting I didn't think of it from that perspective that she wants to try to keep the secret of the island the idols just with her yeah perhaps and also she's knowing that she went there she was unsuccessful getting an idol she's probably thinking admits may have been successful than they did it really show US show that they had a dialogue when he returned but I'm sure they did and I think it's pretty obvious that productions probably told them when you return you can't tell Robin Sandra here because they're trying to get that big bang for the buck like everyone who turns what's up the beach turned the corner they're trying to get the excitement on their face and so they told them not to tell anyone but it makes it really complicated when you've got two or three or four people who've been there and they know everyone else doesn't know so production in kind of is kind of inserting their arm into the dynamics of the tribe which complicates things what do you think that those conversations must have been like for Vince and Elizabeth wants. Vince came back to the beach I think they probably went to the watering hole and I think there are probably like all my goodness Robin Sandra August I'm sure she said what you had to do to win an idol and so we didn't get to see what he told her but I guarantee you Elizabeth probably grabbed him and said did you get an idol or not and he he may have ladder or he may not have glad but we'll know we'll never know exactly what happened there I'm looking forward to hearing your interviews with him to kind of get his take on what happened and this is a weird Thursday where I haven't had the chance to talk to the survivors although in your season I didn't get a chance to talk to any of you until the season was over but normally I have those first thing in the morning but this happens to be a week where I'm doing it later on in the day so I'm actually talking to you first so hopefully by the time that this podcast is posted in the past a little more answers from Vince right right reported that yeah so flint Vince came back and when he compared notes with Elizabeth must've been awkward because they're both not showing all of their cards each other they both had such radically different experiences to use that word again where Elizabeth had to go head to head with Boston rob in this fire making challenge and then Vince had to go on this crazy mission to go and get fire or ultimately ash from the other tribes so I really wonder what they disclose to each other I don't know but I'm sure Elizabeth probably stuck with her story about saying Vince Yeah I had to make fire I couldn't do it I didn't get an idol but in the back of her head she may be wondering Bents may not believe me he made thank did come back with an idol and he's the only one who has that information on me that I could have an idaho he might be putting my name out there if he sank in perhaps she's got this auto she could play it so it was a it was in her benefit get him out of there that's why I kept looking less I see her facial expressions everything she was saying because I thought she would probably be concerned that you be back in the fold nor the information yet I think he makes a good point Elizabeth because I think that she might be carrying a lot of weight in this group because we saw missy was is in these conversations yet it's not missy I thought I thought MRIS got the power here but then as watch last night and I saw some of the things that she said that I saw Luba Luebbe said on like I think it really is Elizabeth I think Elizabeth is the one that Kinda has control of the alliance she's looking really strong for me right now 'cause he was going to talk about going ahead and voting Tom out and then basically we saw Elizabeth say no I don't WanNa do that we can't get rid of dad and then she got what she wanted and so that that's very telling because when someone who has the power says I think we should get this person out others kind of go in that direction and no one win and Mrs Direction so I thought it was telling so in terms of how Vince played this early going in the season so I actually pretty blindsided less I didn't think that he was going to be the one to go home but then the more I thought about it today like I feel like that ended up making some more sense because I think that Vince did didn't do a great job of making either the men or the women feel like that he was a loyal out of their group yet and when Aaron and the guys were talking to him and they were saying you know hey these women they're making this alliance eighty would you be comfortable working with US thanks Steven pointed out earlier on the earlier podcast where he wouldn't look in the eyes was looking to the left and the right and if anybody who's going to be on survivor in the future when you ask someone question and they don't answer look to straighten is on the telltale sign and so he kept glancing away so I thought they probably didn't have a lot of confidence in him and then the ladies they could have said Hey let's work together and keep fence but also they're trying to keep in mind or other tribes swab come in we need to be strongest so we really don't want to upset Tom and Aaron Dane this is just the easy vote do you think that it could have been different for Vince if he played the middle less supposed to that okay I'm going to talk to the guys but I'm also secretly I'm working with the women if he would have just come out and then just got off on the man made it abundantly clear that the women were his plan A. Plan B. Plan C. as opposed to being somebody who was seen as a potential radical that could have gone either way I don't know I think I don't think it would have helped me because I think basically the guys could tell he sanded him sure yeah I'll work with you guys but then they see him with the girls and hanging out with them and talk and and I think he was letting the ladies know hey I'm with you I'm one hundred percent down with y'all trust me and so I think he did all he could in that situation I think it was his time to go because he had enforcing gone to the island of idols come back and they were worried that he may have something because I think one of the problems for Vince and there was a secret seen this morning that I got a chance to watch where that he had an interaction with missy and let's see felt like that you know Vince is kind of being shady and they saw missy talking with Chelsea they said okay well I think he's I think he's with us but it just greedy to have him as a six let's just throw him out because he is this person who is in the middle right now and it was like a simple that both sides of the tribe could have agreed on to make it be Vince right and I can see that but also they're trying to keep in their head when this merged comes all of these different personalities I mean who is going to be great TV but who knows what's going to happen and nothing missy trying to say why don't we try and keep this group is strongest awesome possible going into a potential some type of a swap or merge thought that was the mindset and also you know I think vents you know when you get an idol people always say down the advantage I went to Eric and told him look I found something for us we can use this together you kind of WanNa let somebody know because if he had let's say total can he's got it trust me enough to tell me he said we might could use it together we need it maybe I'll be an advocate for him that he shouldn't go home uh-huh and so maybe he should've played a little bit differently if our him out of play model that night running water bottle would have been great he should displayed it and said just want to.

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