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To the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas sitting in for John horn. Now more of John's conversation with Academy Award nominated film, composer, nNcholas Patel has first big break was on Adam mckay's two thousand fifteen movie the big short, but the two thousand eight housing crisis and financial collapse. The music you're hearing right now. Retell retained with McKay on vice is move movie back Dick Cheney, which stars Christian bale as the former vice president that film has eight kademi award nominations. We pick up John horns conversation now with propel talking about his life after Harvard where he had the fortune of meeting film producer, Jeremy Kleiner after college might band broke up, and the film that I had scored never came out. And I was looking for job, and I actually got a job trading currencies in New York. And I was hired by a composer, actually. And he was sort of like, you know, we'll find something for you to do here. And so I I did that for awhile in New York. And I think one day I was talking German. He was like, you know, have the script. It's a big short actually, Michael Lewis novel turning into a felon. He connect me with Adam. And I sent him a couple ideas just talked him on the phone, and he he said something like he was trying to imagine. What dark math sounded like? And I sent him some ideas, and we had a conversation. He thankfully, really liked what I sent him. So we hire me. So now, I want to ask you about vice, and I'm sure there's a clever way of saying their similarities between the financial meltdown in Dick Cheney. But when you start thinking about the themes of this movie, and it's not just about Dick Cheney. It's about his relationship with his wife. It's about his troubled past about his growth into power where do you start, and what are your first conversations with Adam about on this film will in the same way that I think the immersed. Kind of collaborative approach that Barron. I utilize gets us to places that we wouldn't expect. I think you know, you do start with initial instincts. And then you see how they feel in the movie in the case of vice Adams initial instinct was that it needed a very symphonic scope because as he would say, this is such a huge story that initial instinct led me to think about well, what is the sound of that? What is the music and for me reading the script talking to Adam? There was this sense of dissonance that I wanted to weave into the movie and the way that I explored. It was I think there's enough we think about an American sound, you know, what that might be an American orchestral sound. And then if you think about what hero's journey in film might sound like this isn't exactly that story. It's a it's a it's a very specific take and variation on those stories and the variation is with dissonance. So what I would do is. I would explore for example, a trumpet fanfare, and I would imagine to myself, you know, okay. We can have a trumpet fanfare, but what if very occasionally, there's a note that's wrong. So you know, you can take this kind of feeling..

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