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It's summer nineteen ninety nine. Nine shack is exhausted after another tough loss in the playoffs. He's anxious to he in Kobe. Bryant have now played together on the Los Los Angeles Lakers for three seasons without a championship to show for it. He worries that he and the Lakers won't ever get it together to win a title but check doesn't spend all of his time sulking about not having a ring for the entirety of his career as an NBA star. He's always carved out time for his off court projects he's starred in movies and recorded albums including can't stop the rain mm-hmm r. e. I g. m. with the title single featuring the notorious B. I G HIS FIRST ALBUM released pretty early on in his career went platinum. The next went gold real numbers. He goes on tour to promote his albums. Making stops all over even places like cal Spell Montana where he happens is to be tonight you know how last week Koby without me without without after the Gig Shek is offstage catching his breath and says to his bodyguard. Hey Guess who's got a log cabin just up the way the answer. Where is the now legendary champion? NBA Coach Phil Jackson. WHO's just agreed to be the new head? Coach of the Lakers Jackson coach. Michael Jordan's Chicago Kogo Bulls to six six. NBA Championships now. After a year away from the league he sees the Lakers as a great fit for a second championship chip act while Shack on tour in Montana he decides. It's the perfect time to pay his new head coach an unannounced visit. He pulls pulls up to Jackson's House sneaks around looks through the windows and sees the six Golden Nba Championship trophies. Jackson one with the Bulls. He thinks Yeah Phil. Jackson is definitely my man shack knocks on the front door Jackson's wife appears and tells the towering NBA All star that fills out riding his bike but he should be back any minute so shack weights. He meets and chats up Jackson's kids who are also in town. The overgrown kid. That is the Lakers center discovers that the Jackson's have a trampoline back so he of course has to jump on all three hundred. Forty pounds hounds. Him Bouncing Higher and higher infill. He realizes his hosts appear to fear for both the health of the trampoline and the giant World Class Class Athlete in her backyard. So he stops and goes for a swim in the lake at the end of their yard he attempts to do flips off the Jackson's tiny dock. Doc and everyone's laughing shack tends to land on his back with a big smack on the surface just then the decorated coach emerges back back from his leisurely bike ride. He doesn't say hello. No pleasantries instead. He just points to a dead tree. That's floated up onto his property. See this tree Jackson asks his New Star Center Shack nods move it as check does as he's told he thinks this man is challenging me already. He means business in that first. Meeting Jackson gets right to the point with Shack and tells him that his brand of championship basketball requires all about focus. Listen you're doing good but no more rapid or videos. No more movie in Egypt concentrate. I'm like why a lot of money doing it whilst also doing it. So if you listen to me you can get repeat. This year won a championship by the time Shack Leaves Montana. He's convinced if anyone can can guide the talented but turbulent Lakers to a championship. That person is Phil.

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