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I am aiming to have the next issue focus on building a new normal and kind of showcasing. People think we should do going from here. Obviously, the pandemic is of illustrated. how many flaws? There aren't a lot of our systems politically economically. Socially and I want to hear from vegans around the world in terms of. What they think you know, the new normal should be what it should involve. And how maybe how the pandemic shown that you know, these are obviously needed changes, and also maybe that they're possible, because as we've been saying in this conversation regarding the environment, lots of positive things have come out of this, so it's obvious that you know. Things can improve if we may have. We take the steps to make them happen and politically. Governments have done some pretty interesting things to try and avoid. Economic collapse to try and help the people of the countries in the counties all that and. I think some of those things have been stuff that they've you know. Denied What denied being able to do or we're not interested in doing up until now and took a pandemic to make it be. possible and I hope that you know. Maybe, if we plan things, we continue and make sure that it happens so. chicken to website. TOCA MAGAZINE DOT COM for further submissions, and if you've got an idea, I'd love to hear. Get in touch and We'll talk about what a normal look like. And I think maybe Charlotte's back now. We go. Oh. That's okay I just like basically started plugging the magazine website. 'cause I don't have any sponsors to talk about so. Grow in an. Ad There says. The. I'm new to this whole thing. If I really did go the podcast avenue I guess would need to look into. Dropping a name there but. Yeah, that would be great. Bruna for now. It's just me talking with people. It may have been ineffective nephew to. See Funny Enough. I've only got one one last question. I was GonNa I. Was GonNA maybe try and squeeze it in, but there was no way the delivery guy's got. You know he's got probably lots of other things to do so should. Waiting longer I'm in terms of. In terms of the world. How do you? Do Let me, see like I, told you before. This is like a new series of question so I'm Kinda. Starting how these You? Do you think this tragedy is a caused the world to make some positive changes like? Are you optimistic or are you kind of cynical thinking that we're just? GonNa all back to our old habits that. I.

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